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ooh, so that’s not class with only full of theory and less practice XD


Ofc. I don’t think bakery lesson will have more theory than practices, it’s different from school


so that’s much more fun XD


Yeah, definitely! XD


Baking?? I love baking! I can’t eat anything I make, but, baking!


Yeah, it’s fun!!






Yo, long time no chat


Yass that’s true…

How’s your day?


Good mostly, how’s yours?


I’m good, except now I’m stuck in family gathering so I don’t know what should I do XD


Well, hhaha eat more maybe?


Maybe I’ll do that without you ask it XD

What are you doing?


Rewriting some of my older chapters & listen to some songs for inspiration


Ooh what kind of music do you listen ?

No baking class for today?


No, the class on weekdays not weekend.

It’s just a soundtrack from a tv series, western series, Mr. Robot


I’m forget today is weekend XD I thought it’s still Friday XD

Ohh I don’t know about that



It’s a serious series & you kind of need to think when you watch it. It’s a pretty heavy series, so you might not like it. But it’s good, had won few big awards


Haha you know me so well XD

Have you watched the drama mmm im forget the title something woodcutters ?