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No, too lazy to catch, I haven’t even catch all my recent dramas lmao. Too many things I want to watch


Hahaa so they’re still in the list, and haven’t touched at all XD

I’ve been starting to watch terius, and that’s so good XD


Good then xD

I want to catch mine but feel laazyyt


Lazy being lazy XD

Because watching drama is the laziest thing to do for me XD


I have so much thing to do so can’t catch up x((( , when I want to catch I just feel lazy


Yaa, you seem busy recently XD

When you busy and have a free time, that free time is better to use for rest XD that’s for me


Yeah, that’s what I mean. But my rest is not so rest because I use it to write so yeah, complicated for me :joy:


Yaa, writing is something great to do even though my body almost broke XD

Did you have “schedule” for your writing time?


No, I don’t I write every time I have time & my idea is running, that’s the problem


Yap me too… I only write when the ideas come out, but some people have it


I write even tho I don’t have an idea, just fixing things still do


If you don’t hv any idea so what can you write for your story? Haha


I just stare at my writings until I know what I want to write :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:


If it were me, it’ll last…forever XD

Sometimes my ideas come out when I was half asleep, so I must remember it until the next morning XD


Depends on people I guess xD


Haha that’s true… It’s good if you can hv an idea just staring at your story XD


I think so xD