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No problem, the assignment is more important anyway xD


finally it’s done… but maybe you must be sleeping now


Going to


i don’t know if i need that much time to finish my assignment XD


Time flies xD


Yap yapp XD

You know what… Yesterday is my chanyeol oppa’s bdayyyy XD XD


Omg, I loved Strong Girl Bong Soon, Hello My Twenties, and Oh My Ghost.

Right now, I’m watching the Thai remake of Oh My Ghost as well as the reboot of Meteor Garden.


Hhahaha, yeah, I see it


I just finished Love o2o and I am absolutely in love with Yang Yang and Zheng Shuang :sob:
Watching While You Were Sleeping now.


That’s great!


If this is a K-Drama Movie and more thread is the fairytale Janghwa Hongryeon jeon something we are allowed to talk about in this thread?


Yea, ofc


Yeah, I’m really enjoying it ^^


What do you like about the drama? :smiley:


I like Suzy, but it’s also an interesting concept. It’s very intricate with how their dreams are connected. The music is so delicate too :smiley:


Ok, Jung jin woo - she’s got everything. The song is addicting to me!


It does sound really interesting!


Do you now what the lyrics of your favorite Jung jin woo song are in English?


You mean from She’s got everything?

I just like this part: The Days keep goin on
and imma keep it straight it
like as it was

But the chorus (is that the word?) is good too :sob:

Also I just know him only from this song and that’s it :stuck_out_tongue:


Are you listening to that song now?