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Try W - Two Worlds too!


I’ll try to remember to do that, thanks for the suggestion!


I definitely recommend it if you haven’t seen it already ^^


I like Janghwa Hongryeon jeon because of the sisterly affection but most of all the struggle as the sisters respond to and try to deal with the injustice that befalls them. It isn’t perfect, I mean they didn’t have to kill every mayor of their town as ghosts, but it also reflects to us how unjust our society can be and how often we fail to stand against the injustice we find.




Sure, no problem!




too many good dramas this month. i think i’m going to fail this semester if i stay like that.


Yeah so many good ones. I haven’t even catch last month’s xD


nah i did :joy: BUT THIS MONTH IS EVEN BETTER. Idk how but I’m keeping up with five ongoing kdramas and I can’t decide which one is better.


Damn, the game is strong for you xD


:joy: frl though you should check them out. Especially children of nobody and memories of the alhambra like i think if all the episodes were out i’d binge watch them lol.


Yeah I’ll :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy: uhh damn so many drama to watch


sighs :joy:


:joy: sad




I will always be a fan of “You’re Beautiful.” It was the first k-drama I ever watched, and it completely swept me away. :slight_smile:


Hi again! What do you like from it?


Wow! Memories of Alhambra really blow my mind!!! @anamoo08 did you watch it? Chanyeol in it!


Less than Evil is interesting too! Shin Ha Kyun ahjussi as DCI John Luther! :star_struck::star_struck: