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I knoowww… I want to watch it so bad. But I don’t like wait in curiosity XD
So I’ll wait until ep5 maybe, then I’ll start to watch it XD


Hhahaha you should watch it!


Maybe if I can’t hold it any longer, I’ll watch it XD


XD good luck!


Is that good?


What u mean?


The drama. Is that good? I watched the preview and I think that’s good drama


Yeah It’s super cool !!


But I hv a feeling chanyeol will not until last eps


Hhahahaha, I will not give spoiler to that xD


Omg, he’s not dead at first eps, is he? Omg XD


Oof, it’ll be spoiler tho if I tell you xD


So don’t, don’t tell to me XD


Okay xDDD


Oof I had a bad feeling chanyeol will die in the first eps. Because I’ve watched the pictures when he’s still shooting and he’s wearing that T-shirt in the train and there’re a blood in his tshirt


No clear picture about that if he dies or not


That’s might be true…
Oof I really need to watch it XD


Go watch it :ok_hand::ok_hand:


Haha I will I guess XD