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Oh dude, imagine if they aired it in national tv channels. The ratings would go through the roof!


Hahaha their ratings are pretty good when they air tho, yeah it’ll be more than 10% i guess


Maybe it’ll be given enough reason to make a season 2. T_T I want a season 2 T_T


Send a mail to OCN xD






How are you?


Good, hbu?


Actually I got a roller coaster of emotion now. I’m feeling not good.
I’m sorry I said something like that


No worriez


Im back. I’m sorry, I dunno, I dunno what happens so I dunno what should I do, I’m sorry


Chill down, it’s okay :blush:


Hayyy what are you doing?


Just chillin now, hbu? Better?


Yes, much better. I’m sorry for my sudden attack XD
I’m doing nothing, just laying on ma bed, staring at ceiling XD


Ahh good, give yourself some rest & watch some drama xp


Haha yappp! Ohh Alhambra new eps is out right?


Yeap, but I haven’t watch it


And dammit yesterday my friend tell about the first eps toward me with no hesitation at all, so I know that chanyeol didn’t die but he’s missing double dammit XD


Hhahahah but good that you know he’s missing now instead of dying :joy: