Let's Talk About Sex Baby .....

Do you prefer when Romance Authors write in the sex scene or leave a little to the imagination?

Hmm depends how graphic it is I guess. :joy: I don’t mind mild sex scenes but if I’m cringing and would be embarrassed to read it in public I don’t want anyone looking over my shoulder just to read “throbbing member” it’s not my cup of tea hahah.


Depends on the age group for me. If its like young teens then a full blown sex scene is definitely not necessary at all.

For adult characters though I definitely dont mind a good steamy sex scene


I guess it depends on why I’m reading. If I’m there for the smut, I’m there for the smut. But if I’m there because I’m really enthralled in the love story, then I’d be fine with sex scenes, but also fine if the author decided to leave them out.



I think it depends on the story itself and how it needs to be told. I think for YA things should maybe be kept on the tamer side but aside from that I think every case is different. For instance I’ve read romance books with tons of sex scenes that I’ve loved because it was part of the characters development. While in some books one sex scene can feel like pandering and unnecessary.


Oh my gosh, that is so true. I left a little to the imagination in my recent book and most people did not seem to mind but I did get a comment or two that people were waiting for that moment. I was just curious as to what people thoughts were on it.

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That is a very valid point.

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True, I read one book that started off with a full blown sex scene in the first chapter. I was like, whoa where the heck did that come from.


Just give me the smut, this will offend some people in wattpad but I will say this some people in wattpad are horny and are what’s the word ok just horny but words like his thick big throbbing member is a big hell naw


I’m European, so I’m fine with sex scenes.

It’s actually been a problem for me that I can’t be as descriptive with my sex scenes (I’m writing YA) as I am with all my other scenes.

I’ll ask people to help me check if I need to tone the scene down, and I’ve been told to do so every time. :woman_facepalming:t2::joy:

YA books as of recently have been getting a bit more steamier these days in terms of sexual content.


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I think there is a decided difference in how Europeans and Americans view sexuality. It must be frustrating always trying to adapt to please the masses but I understand completely that you do not want to offend anyone.

That is true!

Yep. Ever since the whole Young Adult/New Adult crossover demographic has come into play, plenty of YA books have been getting steamier.

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So anywhere between the ages of 18 to 20+?

Yeah pretty much. I feel like under 18 is kind of unnecessary to have sex scenes. If the characters are like 17 and under idk. I feel like you should be able to write a romance without the sex scenes being explicit, even if you just hint that the characters had sex without going into detail


Let’s talk about sex, baby ; let’s talk about you and me :musical_note:

I definitely prefer when a romance has a good sex scene in it. Sex is an important part from a romantic relationship (in most of the cases). I won’t read romance without sex. I really like waiting for my spicy sex scene when I am reading a romance. It is the thing I am waiting for !

Only my opinion !


There’s this one series (off Wattpad) called “Nevernight” by Jay Kristoff. It’s marketed in the Adult Fantasy section and the things that make me uncomfortable about it was the fact that the 2nd book has a graphic lesbian sex scene between the female protag, Mia, and her lover.

Problem is Mia is 16 years old.