LGBT Cliches (tropes) You HATE


As a lesbian who is more feminine than most of her heterosexual counterparts, thank you for that.

I’m purposefully writing the lesbian MC of my novel to be as feminine as possible to combat this prevalent mindset that femininity is a weakness, and the only “strong” women out there are the women who act like men.


I love it!


Anyone else bothered by the fact that the gay pair is always a very short, weak MC with a tall, muscular love interest?


Lol yes. It gets kind of old fast. Also, the whole “there has to be a femme and a masc” heteronormative narrative just gets pushed hard through those kinds of stories.

I did a spin on it where the short one is way more hardcore than the tall one. It was fun. They’re also equally masc.


I also dislike this not just in the sense of gay relationships but like, couples where the the girl is taller than the guy. Because that’s real life. (It’ll never happen to 5’0ft me lol).

I think height is one thing, but the femme/masculine thing is completely individual to each person.

Like, in my novel, Haydn is taller than Elijah, but Elijah is the standard, not quite six foot handsome Victorian man with wide shoulders and more masculine feautures but with a condradictory personality. He’s full of anxiety and shy and very emotional but just looking at him wouldn’t tell you that. Haydn may be taller but he’s more in balance both in feminity and masculinity. He’s thin due to vampirism but also stronger. Elijah is only weaker because he’s human but he’s pretty strong for a human.

Sexually, Elijah is passive with any partner he has, be it man or woman. Haydn is dominant but this also has roots in his Roman upbrining. If you were not on top, you were not a man. Of course, he doesn’t think Elijah isn’t man but the roles of his mortal society still have a say in how he portrays himself.

And, even greater, is they always switch when it comes to cuddling (big spoon/little spoon) but Haydn is literally a child when it comes to being held. He prefers being the little spoon.


You can ALWAYS tell when the writer of a gay book is straight because they make it like an argument(?) or constant joke between characters about “which one is the man and which one is the woman” which literally is not a thing irl


Nope, I agree (coming from a straight author).

We are all just people.


i hate how all lesbian movies are basically just porn. i want some sweet mf romance lesbian movies and books. not really a trope ig but a huge pet peeve. lesbian movies are made by straight men for straight men.

this has been mentioned before, but i also hate how to bi/pan people sleep around and cheat on their same sex partner with an opposite sex partner. or, the bi person finds out theyre bi after they cheat on their opposite sex partner.

im pretty much thinking about two movies here, blue is the warmest color and below her mouth


How many wlw movies have you watched? I agree we need more, but “all” is a pretty strong statement.

Some non-porny wlw movies:

  • Disobedience
  • Fingersmith.
  • Tipping the Velvet
  • Affinity
  • Carol.
  • But I’m a Cheerleader.
  • Princess Cyd.
  • The Girl King.
  • Clouds of Sils Maria
  • Pariah
  • Kyss Mig (Kiss Me)
  • Show Me Love
  • Cloudburst (this movie is adorable, also you will cry)
  • Saving Face
  • Loving Annabelle
  • The Handmaiden
  • Imagine Me & You
  • Aimee & Jaguar


Fucking Åmål (Show Me Love) needs to be there too.
Everything Sucks has amazing lesbian rep and bi rep.


it’s on the list


Oh, lol. My bad :sweat_smile:


idk how many ive watched tbh, but not many.

what i mean by all is the movies that are mainstream? and popular are like this.


I think it depends on where in the world you are. Fucking Åmål or “Show Me Love” is massively popular in my country and everyone has watched it. It was just one of those films you watched when you were a teen.


Here are some of the lesbian tropes I absolutely LOATHE:

-One or both of the lesbians die at the end or are otherwise separated forever. Never a happy ending

-One of the lesbians, at some point, just goes off an bones a dude, even though she identifies as a lesbian and not a bisexual. Like, um, why? Is it so hard to believe that some of us just don’t like dick?

-One of the lesbians is in a committed, heterosexual relationship (either marriage, engagement, or long-term boyfriend) and then is lead astray by some evil, homewrecking dyke. This is basically the plot of almost EVERY lesbian movie. Why does adultery have to be the premise to every lesbian romance? Most lesbian romances don’t start with someone’s marriage getting destroyed.

The above reasons are why I don’t watch lesbian movies anymore. Hollywood can’t conceive of a lesbian romance without one of the three involved.


I don’t think that having one of these ruins a movie. I think it’s all about how something happens in a story, not necessarily that it happens that ruins a movie.

“Disobedience” has technically (not exactly) has all three but it’s still one of my favorites. It’s a brilliant and beautiful movie.


Haven’t seen it yet. I might just watch it to see Rachel McAdams and Rachel Weiss make out. I’m just tried of seeing that same shit over and over again in lesbian movies. It just regurgitates the same toxic messages:

-Lesbians will never be happy

-Lesbians secretly want the dick

-Lesbians are evil harpies who ruin the marriages of poor, unsuspecting, God-loving men


I feel like some of the cliches are just because I havent stumbled upon enough Bi characters.
The cliche where the person is dating one gender (then breaking up)) and then ends up liking another character who is another gender.They usually dont end up discovering their bi they just end up either gay or straight.Which can be fine sometimes but like I said it might be because I havent read enough stories where the character discovers theyre bi but Ive seen this trope done quite a bit .Someone please recommend me a story where theres a bi main character discovering who they are I need to read more stories with Bi representation .I just realized the person aboves tropes they hate were similar to this while I was typing this but its a trope that sometimes annoys me.Hate can be a strong word though.

Any story that furthers the bi people being a cheater stereotype. I just crave positive representation and this stereotype just empathizes a negative stereotype.Thankfully I havent read or seen too many of these myself lately but Im sure they still exist.

I just dont like negative tropes for any lgbt+ characters to be honest although Im sure most have been listed in this chat before.


I mean, Disobedience is more along the lines of:

  • Sometimes it’s just not in the cards for two people to end up together. But the ending isn’t tragic.

  • takes place in the context of Orthodox Judaism.

  • See above point.


Also, I’ve never really seen adultery in lesbian movies used to imply this. If anything, the men are the ones painted as either the bad or sometimes just super boring and ones. I can’t recall seeing it used to vilify the women.