LGBT+ Club? Yay or nay


So this question stems from @uncleL asking about which genre clubs should stay or if they should go

I know I’ve seen it asked for many times on the current clubs, so I thought it might be a good idea to do a poll so that maybe @uncleL can see the need or lack of need for it. Not being LGBT myself, I’m not really in a place where I can say yes it’s needed or no it isn’t, but it seems to me like it would be a good idea to have one. Now seems like a good enough time as any to gauge the actual interest in it. There might not be a better time than when in beta! I’ll keep all votes private (at least I hope I will…assuming I set it right) so feel free to vote honestly.

So would it be of benefit to have an LGBT+ Club if/when these forums become official?

  • Yes
  • No

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Poll: Should Wattpad Create a Genre Club For The LGBT+?

So, being queer myself I wouldn’t want to see a whole club dedicated to being queer. We have threads in all the clubs, an official community profile and our tags which I’ve found sufficient. I don’t think we need to “other” ourselves even more by making an entire club just for us. But that’s just me.

Poll: Should Wattpad Create a Genre Club For The LGBT+?

That’s fair! I think we should take into consideration what the LGBTQ+ WP community wants


Exactly! Some people are going to want it, some won’t, so let’s find out if there is actual need or not.


I mean, I can’t speak for the whole community - so I’m just basing it on my own needs. I love the LGBTQ+ thread in the IYW club, which is super accessible for anyone - queer or not. (To ask questions or to just generally connect with queer authors) I think some of that would disappear if we were to get a whole club by ourselves.


I’m not exactly LGBT+ myself but I do believe that having a separate club for them might breed an “us” vs. “them” mentality that would be harmful for the entire Wattpad community.


I completely agree.

You said it better than me.


You worded it well, too!


That’s true :slight_smile:
We have a WP ambassador profile I think already and we have tags! Now that I’m thinking about it and reading your points, the separation would probably drive people further apart


Thank you - also, how great is this blur option?


It’s going to be your new strikethrough obsession, isn’t it? :laughing:


i love it so much! It’s great i think we need this to help with spoilers, I wish comment seconds could have this feature, lol. But it might lag so nvm


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Ooooohhhhh most definitely.

@Calmwolf Nah I think it’s fine it’s like this just on the threads. (In saying that though, just mentioning “hey, no spoilers.” in the intro chapter has helped me keep them out. I don’t think people realised they were spoiling the book.)


@Calmwolf Exactly. I’m fairly sure LGBT+ people want to be accepted just like everyone else. Separating them goes against that.

@AWFrasier It’s super cool. Lol.


Personally, I don’t think there should be an LGBT+ Club, reasons similar to @AWFrasier. It’s also sort of because I feel like having a club dedicated specifically for LGBT+ is sort of segmenting? It’s hard for me to describe it. I guess, it’s similar to being babied? Like, “Oh my god, you guys faced so much negativity in the past and stuff, so here’s your own little space!”

It doesn’t really make me feel included - more excluded than anything IMO.

On another note, I’m really liking this over the Clubs.


Yea :slight_smile:

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An ambassador profile is enough and tags?


I think so. I see the profile and tags as a way to help readers looking for LGBT fiction to find it, and also to give support and encouragement to writers. So, it’s a mostly positive thing imo. Having a separate discussion board is too much.


I think it is.

Holy crap, I’m really liking this new club thing