LGBT+ Fantasy Writers



Hello. I know that there’s already LGBT writers thread but I think it’ll be fun to have this thread specifically for fantasy writers.
Alright, so my name is Jessica. I’m aro ace, and I’m currently writing fantasy with gay romance as its subgenre. Nice to meet you!


(Almost everyone on the LGBT writers thread is a fantasy writer but I’m always here for more)

Yo, I’m Jay, I’m a pansexual womman and I’m writing Urban Fantasy with a polyamorous romantic subplot (m/f/f)


Is that so lol? I don’t know about that.


Yeah pretty much every regular there writes fantasy, we’ve theorised it has to do with wanting to write worlds where LGBTQ folk are accepted more.


Hi! I always have a poke around in the LGBT Writers’ thread but I get intimidated by the size of it and never post, haha

I’m Elinor! I’m almost certainly lesbian, if not just a very biased bisexual, heh. I’m currently writing a Dark Portal fantasy series with LGBT romantic subplots :slight_smile:


Would LItRPG be considered a form of fantasy? LitRPG is a main career thing, I plan are still writing memoirs, stage plays, and other less commercial stuff under the table wiping the floor.


In for a penny, in for a pound.

I’m Kate. 29. Pan. She/her pronouns. I write fantasy and genre fiction mostly.


At first I thought “how did I miss this” but then noticed it was pretty new!

I’m Julia. Bi and she/her pronouns. I write dark fantasy with some paranormal themes :blush:


In a book i’m writing, being LGBT isn’t presented as completely normal. The grand elven lord is gay. The main character is bisexual, eventually marries a lesbian elf.


Hey! I’m working on multiple LGBT books. My fantasy one has gay and transgender characters and gay romance but not until book 2 unfortunately. Could not fit it into the first book. I also have a LGBT distopian, not fantasy, but it’s sci fi. I would love to stay in touch with more LGBT writers.


Yo I’m ace and love fantasy. I write it and read it.


Hello, I’m Jasper: an androgynous pansexual emo kid, I write gay romance with elves and dragons.


I wrote some back and forth with some of the people from the LGBT+ writers thread, but sure …

My name is Nela, I am pansexual and a nonbinary person, who tends to identify as a demigirl.

I am writing contemporary fantasy. Two different stories. One book series with book 1 out this month about a bisexual magic detective in Scotland, another one, that will be a webseries about a group of magical mercs in South Africa.

I am from Germany and hence tend to write in my mother language. German.


Oh, you got me at polyromantic!


My name is Sarah Grimm. I’m a trans writer of my low fantasy book Seventy days and it has some LGBT+ elements.


I love happy healthy polyamorous relationships! I just want to write cute little scenes about the three of them living together and being supportive and happy…alas it takes like 65,000 words for the three of them to even be in the same room :frowning: but by the end of the book they’re in a full on poly relationship


Absolute agree. I love healthy supportive poly relationships. Somehow most of my writing couples end up being poly (with one notable exception). :heart:


Ah no, I find it so hard to find good poly fiction but my German is reeeaaallllyyy bad these days so I can’t read your stuff :frowning:


finger guns what up
Well, actually, I’m technically not an LGBT writer yet. I have an LGBT romance planned for my fantasy story, but I haven’t written the actual romance yet. Am I still allowed to be here?



waves arms madly

I’m Xeno! I’m super asexual, super confused on the romantic attraction side, and super into writing about happy LGBTQ+ relationships in fantasy worlds. Hi!!