LGBT+ Fantasy Writers



See, this is why I shouldn’t leave the house. I miss when new groups like this pop up!

Hey all, I’m J! Just your average queer girl and writer of female-centric Urban Fantasy and Fantasy. How you all doing?


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well this is an interesting topic, I’ll bite

I am a monogamous guy in a polyamorous relationship. :slight_smile:

I tend to write fantasy, though due to my tendency to stay away from Romantic Sub-plots I rarely express my own characters sexuality/


If you don’t mind me asking, why are you in a poly relationship if you yourself are monogamous?


Cheesy answer - Love, I love her and want her to be as happy as possible :smiley:

Long Answer - The relationship between me and my Girlfriend is just between us. The fact that she has other guys that she has a similar relationship with doesn’t really effect me to be honest.

So another way of putting it is I am in a monogamous relationship with someone who is poly and she is still involved with the other man and potentially his other partner. Whom even though I have meet and get along with him, I have no relationship with him outside of sharing a girlfriend.


Awwww that is cheesy, but cute! Sounds like you guys have a really solid dynamic :slight_smile:

My boyfriend and I are what I’d describe as “semi monogamous” wherein we have sexual relationships with other people together.


Works for us, and we are both happy with the setup, that’s what really matters in any relationship in my opinion.


Fellow Ace!


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Hey, singing up for the thread cuz i’m working on a fantasy story (not published yet, still figuring things out). And one of my characters is a black lesbian witch who comes from a very religious family. So i’m joining, might get some ideas or need some research iin the future cause I myself am straight.




hello! avery or may! i’m nb and use she/her or they them pronouns. currently i’m writing two fantasy stories (three if i play my cards right). the first one is already published and is about a young orphan taken to a kingdom of dragons and as he grows older he attempts to stop a war from destroying the world. the second one is about a professor who becomes a private tutor for the children of a rich vampire lord. the third one isn’t completely mapped out yet but it’s about the love story between two young men. one doesn’t age the other one does (immortal vs mortals). at the end of the mortals life his immortal lover finds him and gives him immortality but–that story is mostly about their son bringing balance to the world. anyway, it’s nice to meet you all :smiley: . the main character in all of them is gay and there are other lgbt+ characters and relationships! :smiley:


Hi! I’m Rachael, I’m bisexual and I’m writing a story a fantasy/HF/slow horror with a bisexual female MC, with other LGBTQA+ characters in the background (lesbian guard captain & older trans male character for right now). (for nanowrimo)


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I’m Julia, I’m gay, and I’m writing a Historical/Dark Fantasy novel with a lesbian romantic subplot. I work in a bridal shop as a seamstress, my wife is a nurse, and when I’m not writing, I like to design and sew vintage-style dresses.

So what do the rest of you do for work/fun?


It has like really long phrases. I speak like that a lot too but people always look at me as if Im some sort of weirdo. But knowing that someone else also has the abnormal tendency to use really elongated words along with weirdly assembled phrases… basically what I am saying is, it feels refreshing.:joy::hugs: