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I sort of admire u right now. That is so cool. I mean the part where u have a person beside u. Im not gay, but my best friend is. In our society, being gay isn’t really supported by parents, y’know? He is having so many difficulties right now. His parents aren’t allowing him into their house. He is living away with his uncle in another city, at the moment. And I had lost all hope, almost… But cuz of u, Im reenergised. I just feel so happy knowing that u r married to someone u love, despite what others think! :blush:


I’m so sorry to hear that. It’s so shameful that parents would reject their own child over something so trivial. Might I ask where you are from?

My own parents have always been accepting even though they are both devout Catholics. However, when I met my wife, she was in the US Army during the Don’t Ask Don’t Tell policy and she was not out to her own parents. We had to be secretive about our relationship our whole first year because she could have lost her job over it. Then the policy was only repealed right as she was leaving the service.

She came out to her parents shortly before we got married and they were not at all thrilled about it. Both of them are very conservative. We invited them to the wedding, but told them we would understand if they didn’t want to come. We honestly thought that they wouldn’t. But then, a week or two beforehand, they called us up and said they were coming. Now we are treated like any other married couple in the family. We are invited to family events, her parents both hug me and say they love me whenever we visit. We actually just celebrated my birthday at their house with both sets of our parents, and her father grilled up a feast for it.

I guess what I’m saying with all this rambling is: don’t lose hope. People can come around. Love really can overcome hate or suspicion if you are patient with people. And it’s certainly possible to find love in the gay community. My wife and I have been together for 8 years, married for two. She’s my best friend, and we’re both still madly in love with each other.


I am still a minor, so I doubt its advisable to tell my location online. I live in Asia thou. But really, trust me on this. His parents wont come around… Its really complicated, haha… but seriously, ur story is so sweet. I hope you live happily! :heart: Thanks for saying so much! It means so much to me…:relaxed:


Understood. I do know how traditional many Asian countries can be. Even if his parents don’t come around, I hope he finds love and forms a family that will accept him as he is. The best of luck to both you and your friend.


Thanks so much.
P.S — Currently Im doing well in the love department. I have a boyfriend who Ive been dating since 2 years and still counting. God I love him a lot. Thanks for whatever u said for me and my friend. Thank you.


!!! Another Julia who’s gay (or well, I’m bi) and writes historical/dark fantasy!?


Why, yes! Hello there, friend. It seems we have a lot in common.


Um okay. There’s actually not really a more concise way to have said what I meant, but sure


I’m late but uhhh if you ever write a sweet novel based on your life I’d read the heck out of it because that sounds just so lovely


Eh hem, funny you should say that… because the novel I’m writing is pretty much a heavily allegorical, Jungian, fantasy autobiography very loosely based on my life.

I would never write about my actual life because I’m very shy, but I will bury details of my life under layers of symbolism and fantastical reinterpretation. It isn’t always so lovely though because a lot of it is inspired by the years I struggled terribly with depression and spiritual conflict.


Honestly symbolism and fantastical reinterpretation are kind of the best

And oh shoot, I’m sorry you had to go through that. I’ve had similar struggles myself and I know they’re really terrible to deal with. I hope things are going better for you now.


Things are much better now, thank you. It’s not so bad that I went through it. I think a lot of people go through it. But it helps me appreciate things a lot more now that I have. Especially my wife, who basically stood by the me the whole time and put up with my neurotic bullshit even before she married me.

I mean, she knew about all the crazy and still put a ring on it! That’s a keeper right there.

I hope you don’t still have to deal with all that. Have you basically found the light at the end of the tunnel for the most part?


Still working it out, but I’m a lot better than I was. So yay!


Oh shit, and we’re both writing super gay dark fantasy novels too! Follow!


That’s good to hear. I know getting on the right medication definitely helped me a lot. I tried to go off it for a while. I was off it for six years and kept having episodes on and off. Then we moved out of state, I had a REALLY bad episode where I couldn’t sleep for three days and ended up getting shingles, and then we decided that it was probably a good idea to go back on the meds.


Yeah, meds help!!

Friendly reminder to anyone else reading this to take your meds if you haven’t yet and you need to!


Come back, gay chat! Come back!

Quick! Everybody tell me your favorite color!


It looks like the chat got derailed a little there …

Favorite color? Teal.

I live by the ocean so I find I like the haunting blue ocean that appears in movies like Pirates of the Caribbean - so jealous - my ocean is just gray and mad - and wrecks ships. I have managed to work the ocean (somewhat) into my story. Not as much as I would have liked. Maybe in my next story - or in the future… If this story ever ends.


You live by the ocean?? I’m freakin’ jealous! I live in the mountains, which is lovely in its own way, but going to the beach is so nice. Can you see it from your house?

I think teal is one of my favorite colors to wear. it’s a combo of two colors that actually look good on me: green and blue!


The ocean is on the other side of the pensinula. I can hear it - frickin’ loud. I used to live on the ocean side and it was way louder; I had to start sleeping with music going. Now I live on the bayside, so I look out over the bay. It’s not as peaceful and cool as people think. Summer is awesome - but the winter wind is terribly strong.
The mountains must be cold. I wouldn’t want to live there- all the worries of mountain passes being iced over and you’re trapped up there QQ

Mmmm I love wearing blues and teals. I got like 10 t-shirts off JCPenny the other year that are perfect for work. Different shades of blue, some base-ball sort of shirts, and two cream and one bright vibrant polo. They’re soooo comfy <3 <3 And I look like a blue berry hahaha!