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Meanwhile, other people are buying ocean sound music to fall asleep to.

It certainly does get cold up here during the winter. We already started getting snow. Though we are technically in the valley, we don’t need to worry too much about getting trapped.

I’m not allowed to wear colors at work at all, but I wear blue on my off days


I don’t even understand why! The actual ocean is an annoying ambient noise that never ever stops - and is louder on windy days.

Oooooh snow! Valley means you get shade snow so it stays all day I imagine?? Do you get ice?

Wow that’s a strict work. My work has it set up so we don’t wear offensive things which translates to no logos or text on shirts - just patterns like plaid, argyle, flowers, and colors.


We do get ice sometimes and the snow does stay for a while. I love it though. If it’s going to be cold, the least the weather could do is have the decency to look pretty with snow.

Yeah, they’re a little strict about the dress code. It’s a bridal shop, so they want us to wear black most of the time. I don’t mind it, but I love wearing colors.


Right!? If you’re going to make it cold enough to bring me ice, at least put down some snow. Never happens here on the coast. Inland, like Seattle and Portland, will get some snow but not usually until January or later. Nothing in time for the “holiday cheer of snow” season.

Ooooh a bridal shop sounds interesting but you have to wear black? That’s actually really amusing. I’d think you’d be required to wear shades of beige.


I assume you’re on the West coast then. I’m an East coaster over here.

Beige and other neutrals are allowed, but only if they’re paired with black. It is kind of amusing because I work in alterations in the very back, and the only time customers ever see me is when they come back for fittings.


East coast has hurricanes but it’s storms, other than snow and tornadoes, seems way more relaxed then our storms. Nothing like a 50mph sustained winds and gusts of over 65. We don’t even get mentioned on the weather channel cause who cares about a small population on the Pacific Ocean - which is known as the ship graveyard? XD When we had that big huge merging of 2 storms in 2006, we didn’t even get on the weather channel but it was all over local news. There was a picture from space in the paper after and the storm covered ALL of Washington, Oregon and Idaho. T’was a monster.

I’m just picturing a bridal shop with the workers dressed in attire better fitting a mortuary and funeral hahahahaha That doesn’t sound like the image you want to send to a bride. Black slacks make some sense though, I do admit.


Hey, this a convenient thread!

I’m Tessa, I’m a happily married 31 year old trans lesbian living in the US, and currently working on a novel (along with two other trans women) that can be described as “the movie Heathers, but the protagonist is a closeted trans girl, the love interest is a thoughtful lesbian softball player instead of a sociopathic murderer, and also there’s magic.” I also have two short stories currently out for submission (one’s a coming-of-age in a post-post-apocalyptic future, and the other involves trans astronauts flying an airship over Venus)–keep your fingers crossed for me!

My day job involves trying to figure out better ways of detecting life on other planets (no, really), and my hobbies include singing and burlesque dancing.


Yeah, now that you mention it, I never hear anything on the news about storms on the west coast. Which is really weird, because you guys have a lot going on over there. Hollywood, Silicon Valley, ect. You’d think it would get more attention. Especially a giant storm like that.

The logic behind us wearing black is that it keeps all the attention on the bride and makes her stand out even more in her white dress when she’s standing right next to you. Which I guess makes sense. And considering how attention-hungry some brides can get, I guess it’s also very strategic.


Holy crap, that sounds like and awesome job! Also, I love burlesque! I wish there was more of a burlesque scene where I live. My wife and I have been looking around for one since forever and can only find a show here and there.


I think it’s population vs where weather radars are. We have a lower population on the west coast, I think. And I know we didn’t get a new radar installed closer to the coast until after the 2006 storm. That was fun. One town bigger than mine had no power for 3 weeks (means no way to get gas for cars either), and my town for once got power back before them. iirc shit hit the fan because Bonneville Dam went out, and that supplies electricity to a huge percent of Washington and Oregon. I do recall that the entire region started investing money into cellphone towers, radio towers, and dam and bridge infrastructure since we were so crippled by the dam being out. Most cellphone towers were out- only a few of the super large ones were up and running, and you only got cellphone service if you were close to one that was still up and your contractor has a “piggy-back” clause written, or your tower didn’t go down. (US Cellular has invested into building only super large towers essentially, that puts out twice the range as a regular cell tower. T-Mobile, AT&T, Verizon, ect, all use regular towers, and all of them were out. Only AT&T and US Cellular people had service during the first few days of the black out because AT&T had a piggy-back clause for US C’s towers.) We also learned very quickly who had priority on the power grids - hospitals and the housing systems with elderly who needed oxygen, and the company that supplies the oxygen. Hotels and businesses were shut-out just like residental people. It was an interesting nightmare. And it wasn’t isolated to just my rural area. Areas farther north and even within the city-centers were in black-out for days and weeks while the construction and repair crews had to: repair lines, clear downed lines, drain water from river surges, evacuated those who needed it, secure gas and power lines above and below ground, clear mudslides and clear trees. There’s actually some trees down on 101 and I-5 and other areas that have never been “cleared”, just pushed off the roadway and into the short brush.

Oooooh that’s very true about the black to make white stand out. You want your potential customer to feel like they’re the shiniest bulb in the box. I imagine the job is stressful then?


Good lord that all sounds like a pain in the ass.

It can be stressful. We get our fair share of high-maintenance brides, but I don’t usually care as long as they’re nice. It’s the mean ones I don’t like, but thankfully they’re usually far and few between.


Hi I just finished a novel with my character, Priya, as an orphan and questioning her sexual. She finds out her best friend is actually a witch and wants her sexually. This personal journey for Priya is overwhelming as she is trying to stop panic attacks. She finds out her mother is dying of a virus and her father is a General. Eventually, Priya falls in love. It is a fantasy, romance set in a future dystopian landscape. It is called the Trillium Awakening. Not sure if anyone is interested. I find that there is very little lesbian warriors kicking ass, loving each other and exploring a fantastical landscape. Any authors I can explore with this notion? NO to vampires and werewolves or shape shifters or wolves in general - that is soooo overdone. My witches are hardcore, not spells and prancing around being all cute. Just saying. Anyone with some answers??? Please reply. Thanks


Hey I would like to check out your work. Sounds cool. I find when searching for good lesbian fiction, it is so hard. There are some awesome writers but I like fantasy and something a little darker, hence my novel I have written but trying to find an agent! Man oh man, that is sooo hard. They all want cute, cliche and so stereotyped it is not funny. Just saying. I love reading, writing, walking my dogs and teaching.


Sounds so cool. Love the idea. My novel has an orphan, hetro but bi-curious then explores her bi side with a Witch, finds out she is actually not human and has wild magic running through her veins. She eventually saves a Witch who is a slave girl, falls for her and they marry at the end of the novel. They both are hardcore lesbian warriors that love kicking ass. I will check out your work. Cool.


PM me your story and I’ll PM you mine. My lesbian MC is technically a witch as well, but in a bit more of an untraditional sense. She isn’t really an asskicker, but her love interest definitely is.


I actually find it hard to find a mean bride without it being like… reaction-based? I’ve taken a lot of psychology classes and most of the “mean” and “bratty” people I see around me or at work are usually reacting to someone being rude around them, which results in their “default mode” being a jerk. It’s sad :< cause you see they have so much potential for kindness!! And yet there they are- rude little turdheads.

That conversation between reminds me that one of my friends asked if I would ever write a F/F story instead of a M/M story. And honestly, I’m not against the idea- but it’s the same thing as trying to draw girls, for me. It’ll happen, it’ll just look pretty crappy on the way hahaha


Well, usually the mean brides have equally insufferable mothers, so it wouldn’t surprise me if that’s what they’re reacting to. But a lot of them also have the “squeaky wheel gets the grease” mentality and know that if they throw a big enough fit, corporate will give them something for free. Had a bride once throw a fit because she said that I hemmed her dress 4" too long. I had her put the dress on to look at it and the hem was 1" off the ground (which is where it should be). Turns out, she was complaining about her train, which is SUPPOSED to be long and when we offered to bustle it for her before, she refused because she didn’t want to spend the money. So basically, she wanted a refund for a service that she didn’t even pay for.

I think I would be equally bad at writing an M/M story, if for no other reason than I don’t find much appeal in the masculine form and would have a hard time writing from the perspective of someone who does. I could maybe write from the perspective of a hetero guy, though.


…Isn’t that definition of a “train”? A long thing! A long thing for a bridal dress to trail behind it is called a train. Oh my god. The… stupidity of it all.

That could be it. I don’t find boobs sexy. I think they’re just an annoying feature that should be disposed of unless pregnant. If not pregnant, no boobs. It’s like the body doing baby-prep every month. Freakin’ woman mammal body.
Most of my M/M stories actually started out as just brotherly or friend relationships, or suddenly stuck together in HS class, kind of hijinks and then toss in random fantasy and the chaos would just naturally ensue. The M/M romantic interest just sort of happened naturally. Years of it, and it just happens without my trying lol


That’s exactly what a train is. And it’s always left intact when we hem the dress because most brides WANT a train. It can be removed, of course, if that is what the bride requests, but this bride made no such request. And she was complaining about the cost of everything the entire time I was fitting her. It was clear as day that she was just trying to get her alterations for free.

I must say, I don’t share your dislike of breasts. I’m rather fond of them, both my own and other people’s. Then again, mine are small, and I like them more on the smallish side, so I guess they don’t give me much trouble.


Isn’t it standard that bridal gowns are altered ALL the time. Like, you don’t just buy a gown off the rack and expect it to fit? If you want that, you go to eBay and pray to the white-satin lords.
I remember I saw an episode year ago of Say Yes To The Dress where they did more than normal alterations- finding a dress that had sleeves and would look good dyed red for an Indian wedding (it looked kickass btw)

Meh I don’t like my breasts and they’re small. They’re just small enough that society expects me to wear a bra at all times outside the house. groans