LGBT+ Fantasy Writers



Yep. Bridal gowns almost always have to be altered, if for no other reason than to cut the hem to the correct length and put in a bustle. And some brides ask for an insane amount of work done, which is fine… as long as they’re willing to pay for it.


I’m always turned off to the whole “sweetheart” neckline. Mermaid style with some sleeves or a sweet hem, nice. But I also like details like I saw one dress that was a mermaid that vertically alternated between two different satin finishes but never was metallic, and it looked pretty cool. It had some small piping trim inside too.


Hiiii, currently taking a break from writing my main (lesbian) book but I’m about to write a super gay Doctor Who fic as that’s what I’ve been obsessed with writing these days.
Anyways, I’m Dee, bisexual, and basically every book I’ve ever written has been ultra gay.


Hi, everyone!

I’m new to Wattpad. My name is Shannii and I’m a bisexual woman. I am currently writing a really, really long Fantasy series (but only have one chapter actually out) in which LGBT relationships take centre stage a lot of the time. The series is called The Lightbringers, and the first story, The Queen of Freaks has a straight protagonist. However, the one I’m going to release soon is called When I’m Gone and it’s about a soldier who didn’t tell the girl she likes how she felt before she went off to war against magic (she’s human). I can’t wait to publish it!


It sounds cool!


I’m glad you like it! Hopefully it will turn out okay, haha!




Hello! :slight_smile: I’m a bisexual woman and I write in a lot of different genres (having fun with fanfiction at the moment, yes, it’s gay :rainbow: ), but fantasy is definitely one of my favorites to work with :unicorn: I currently have about 3 big fantasy stories (subgenres of steampunk/horror, dystopian, epic, etc.) marinating in various stages of development.

I can’t think of any character I’ve created in the last three years that was straight :smile:


Heya. Just saw this, thought I’d pop in. I’m Alice, ace/gray-romantic. Probably. Romantic part’s always been a little weird. Either that or just pan-romantic with really high standards. …Which really just consist of be vaguely girl-ish and by my girlfriend, but hey you know.

I don’t do a lot of writing anymore, since I’ve been on a hiatus from writing my story, but I do tend to do a lot of world-building nowadays. Mostly read fantasy and that kinda stuff. Avoid romance like the plague, because I don’t wanna be reminded of my crippling loneliness.

That was a joke.

I think. 50/50 at least.

Anyway ya. How’s everyone doing today?


Yesss revival