LGBT rep for the ONC

Share the love! (Need not be romance… in fact the more genres the merrier.)

Looking for Open Novella Contest entries by LGBT writers and/or with LGBT main characters.

Show you pride. Let me read it.


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Title: Rivers of Eden
Prompt: #49
Link: Click me!
Mature! Please read content warning in summary.

Margaret Hatch is a good woman.
She has a husband, a homestead, a baby, and always heeds her preacher. But when things in the settlement of Eden begin to go awry she can’t help but feel guilty. Guilty for that night five years ago. Guilty for kissing her best friend. Guilty for wanting more than that.

Emma Johansson is not a good woman. She is loose, unmarried, and employed. Three things a woman should not be. She also happens to be in love with her best friend Margaret, something both of them have kept buried for almost all of their lives.

Now the two women must reconcile their history with the terror that has taken hold of Eden. One that threatens to tear down the disguises they wear, exposing their truths to the world. They must face what they unleashed five years ago, before it takes them and the whole town, to their graves.

Thanks for the thread pal!



title: Heart of a Prince
lgbtq+: Yup
mature: Nope
blurb: During a ‘soul searching’ move to the kingdom of Dak’kine, Tia illegally fumbles her way into the castle’s staff. The only possible way to escape this mess without landing in international prison? Marry the Prince.
A Cinderella Story Satire

Yay for LGBTQ rep <33


Title/link: The Prince’s Beast
Prompt number: 45 (Under Horror and Paranormal)
Blurb: Forced to marry an angel from Aeyaviel in the hopes of uniting their countries, warmongering Prince Liu Wen receives word that Mutsushina is tormented by a fox demon. However, he discovers that everything is not as it seems as he finds out that the Beast in the labyrinth is cursed by the Seven Virtues and only a pure heart and strong resolve is powerful enough to break it.

The Prince’s Beast is an Asian-inspired paranormal (MxM) romance story that takes the classical fairy tale Beauty and the Beast and combines it with the Greek myth of Theseus and the Minotaur.

This is my second LGBT story so I hope you enjoy ^o^


Title + Link: Potionmaster
Prompt Number: 25
Ad + Logline:

Potionmaster Promo Logline

Potionmaster is a m|m romance with gay, bisexual, asexual, and non-binary characters.


Title/link: Damsel in distress
Prompt number: 8
Blurb: Selene was the illegitimate daughter of the king, but no one knew it. Because of this, she hated her life in the castle. She hated being locked up in a room because she couldn’t hide the bruises well. She hated her father. And when she gets the chance to escape she takes it, but how long can she keep up the charade once she is on the outside? Will her heart withstand the turmoil when she falls in love with a princess from the neighboring kingdom she saves after she assumes her new life? Will that princess love her back?


I know you have mine, but just in case anyone else wants to check this bit of weirdness… :rofl:

Title: Catfish

Eyakai is a spellsinger of the semi-aquatic hydrians who live on islands in the shallow warm waters that provide most of their livelihood. Following a midday nap, she wakes up to find herself in the centre of an unfamiliar magical circle, inhabiting the body of a feline humanoid of a kind she’s never even heard of - and a male one, at that.

The cat has left a crystal that plays a message for her: “Whoever you are, hi, I’m Miro. I’m really very sorry about this, but there’s an item I absolutely must have and only a hydrian can possibly get into the temple where it’s kept. No one believes me about the importance of this except the ones who want to stop me. They’re going to come after you, I’m afraid. You should trust Gwen when she finds you. Try to stay alive. Sorry! Good luck!”

Human warrior Gwen is not pleased that Miro managed to slip away from her long enough to perform the exchange spell, but she’s not about to allow anyone to harm Eyakai in Miro’s body. Meanwhile, Eyakai has to figure out how to survive in an alien environment and an equally alien body, while the situation gets complicated. And elsewhere, wizard Miro discovers that his goals might not be quite as easy to reach as he’d expected them to be in Eyakai’s body.

56. You awake from a coma in an empty room next to a sealed envelope that reads, “Dear You, the body you are wearing used to be mine. I’m writing this letter to you for your survival. The rest is… complicated.”


Thanks for this!! My story is just all lesbians all around lol!!

Title: Arakhne of the Floating Mountain
Prompt: 31 - “A seamstress is tasked with creating three dresses: one made from sunshine, one from moonlight, and another made from stardust.”
Blurb: Arakhne wants to be left alone in her floating palace and make dresses but most importantly, hide from Athena, whom she humiliated all those years ago. The daughters of God, triplets Soledad, Luna, and Estelle, need gowns for their coronation as the Queens of Heaven, Hell, and Purgatory - and Arakhne is the only one who can take on the task. The four of them come to a mutually beneficial agreement - but none of them are too happy about it.


Prompt number: 8
**Blurb:**In the castle of Maline, a nineteen-year-old girl wants nothing more then to escape the abuse that she is subjected too. She is a princess, first in line to the throne and although she wants only to protect her kingdom from the deadly reign of her family, she knows she has to escape. Or else she will end up dead.

One night, Princess Edith dresses up as a male vigilante and leaves the palace. But little does she know that her one night of freedom will have repercussions that pass through the entire kingdom of Maline.


Title: seeing scarlett
Prompt number: 4 (the one everyone’s doing :laughing:)
Blurb: Hannah Albright wakes up every day wishing she was someone else.

Ever since the death of her older brother two years ago, her parents’ love has only grown more conditional. Her depression’s only gotten worse. And the scars she left on her wrists months ago stubbornly refuse to fade.

Enter Scarlett Randall.

She’s everything Hannah wishes she was. Confident. Outgoing. A star athlete. She also happens to be genuinely interested in making Hannah her friend… and maybe something more.

It’s easy for Hannah to start falling for her, even if baring her heart could mean losing the last of her parents’ love.

But everyone has secrets, especially Scarlett. When hers involve vampirism, past lives and present danger, will Hannah be able to cope?

Or will Scarlett and Hannah lose each other… for the second time?


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Subbing in case I have something

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Title: Obelus
Prompt number: 27

Eli just wants to get through college in one piece, but such dreams are abandoned the day he awakens from his simulated reality.

Will Subject 801 submit to his dreamscape? Or will he fight the system – and those desperate to keep him there?

(Main character is gay)

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My piece from the past two ONCs were LGBT main characters, but not for this year. Do you want to see those?

Dropping mine again, thanks!

Title: Not My Type
Genre: Vampire
Sub-genre: Humor
Mature: Y/N No
Prompt #: 60
Prompt: “The next words out of your mouth better be ‘I’m sorry’ and ‘Here’s the antidote.’”

Koa isn’t your garden-variety vampire. Koa has standards.

But when Koa’s pride is brought into question — over a stupid drinking game — they set aside their standards for a moment to prove a point.

One thing leads to another and Koa finds themself going on a journey that could lead them to their death if they don’t find the antidote before time’s up.



Title/link: Puzzles and Pieces
Prompt number: 4
Blurb: Josh Alves recently became a father. The only issue with that is that he is gay and never went to an adoption agency.

Caleb somehow turned into a five-year-old and now goes by the name, Kyle, unaware of his traumatic past and who he was prior.

Now Josh must cope with the grief while trying to raise Kyle in order to give him a happier life than Caleb could have ever had.


Title: The Viper
Prompt Number: 24
Blurb (Long blurb, sorry):Once upon a time. . .

There lived a kingdom in the midst of a war. As troops were slain mercilessly, the king had turned to the gods and prayed for a blessing. Thus, the dragon goddess, Tiamat, answered. She lent her hand to the kingdom in return for a hundred souls to become her offspring. The king, in a frenzy, accepted her offer without acknowledging the weight of his decision.

When the kingdom had been victorious, the king had decided to go back on his word. The cost would have been one-hundred men too many, he refused to take that many lives.

Furious, Tiamat swore upon the king that when she would have enough power, she would cause such devastation among him that the king’s legacy would be nothing but that of a story.

Her power was depleted, but her fury was unlimited.

It took the vengeful goddess a thousand years to gather the strength to bestow her child into the world. This child would carry the soul of a dragon that would slowly lose its sanity until it causes chaos among the world; the world the king had sworn to protect.

There would be only one way to stop the progression of the mania before the world plummets into disarray. Yet, that is only for the dragon to know and the world to ponder.

Little does anyone know, the dragon has already arrived and her name is Scarlett Everest.

Cover coming soon…

The MC is actually a bi little butterfly as a little fun fact.


New Deal-ONC Jojo

Genres: Romance, LGBTQ+, Horror, Paranormal, Comedy/Humor, Mature(not too explicit, just implied in some parts)


Title: Debbie’s Vengeance

Prompt number: 7, 10, 14

Prompt: A drug deal gone horribly wrong and leads to a youngster being wrongly convicted and to have to learn to very quickly to adjust to the life in the juvenile prison

Blurb: Fourteen-year-old Debbie’s love for money is well-known in the neighbourhood. When she is arrested, accused and wrongly implicated in a drug deal gone awry, the law sentences her to a life in juvenile prison.
Through her life in prison, Debbie learns of her perpetrators and the crimes they committed. And now, she wants to take revenge from all those who wronged her. She will not stop until she has it!


Thanks for reading my story :slight_smile:


Title: Same but Different
Prompt number: 16
Blurb: My story is about a girl with dissociative identity disorder who falls in love with her alter.

What do you do when you fall in love with yourself?



Title: The Dreamers
Prompt Number: 15
Mature: Not sure … currently no, but may cover more serious themes in the future.