LGBT Romance recommendations?

A treat to myself for Valentines hahaha. I would really appreciate it if you recommend books you’ve enjoyed before rather than your own but still feel free to share.


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@NamiarTopit has a lovely LGBTQ romance series Fan x Service. Highly recommended for some quick V-day reads :ok_hand:


If Our Love Is Wrong by @florianraven
Bowties by ebullients
Stupid Little Blue Haired Boy by sempiiternal


A few I’ve enjoyed:
I Object is a fun gxg time loop rom-com
Tomorrow’s Visitor is a funny, slightly mysterious mxm short story
And I second Lana’s rec of the Fan x series. Super sweet NA romance :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:.
@LanaJoKing also has an asexual fantasy romance The UnTitled that’s worth checking out!


I recommend Bad Moon by WeHoardCats, Sleepsong by Aaron_Ledgers, The Death of Antinous by AudreyHornesHeart, Sorry. papa by MyWickedWays

Meanwhile, here are my works! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: If you want to go ahead and read them, be my guest. If I recall any other good recommendations—I’ll post again. lol Goodnight!

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@nearxlight has an ongoing story, RHAPSODY, which is a bxb werewolf noir that’s awesome.

A Kiss in Costume by @elsetterby is a quick, cute read and so is A Valentine’s Dare by @HaleySulich Both are gxg.




Here’s some of my favourites: He She It, Waiting For You, Cravings, What He Needs, Winona, City Boy Rehab and Loving Abuse. And because a little self-promotion is never a bad thing, here’s my almost-completed book :blush: if you decide to check it out please tell me what you think!


❝It’s not meaningless if he has the power to break your heart into thousand pieces❞

Quentin Adams has been in love with his best friend for years. Although their happily ever after happens only in his dreams, he’s not one to give up. For so long, he had been willing to do anything to make his dreams come true and never had he even thought about anyone else.

Here’s the problem: the love of his life has met someone else. Smartest thing for him to do is to move on and Theodore Peterson might just be the right person to help with that. What was supposed to be just a fling ends up being one of the most important things in his life. It’s now up to Quentin himself to decide if he’s ready to take a risk and get his heart broken again.

Click here to read!


@Olivaughn is actually the best. Like… so great. I can’t even.

Her stories are all queer love stories, and they’re all super adorable.


Hey, so I know you aren’t a huge fan of self advertising, so I’ll start with not that. XD I have a friend who is writing an amazing book based with magic and gay men, it’s super awesome, and I highly reccomend it. The book link is here,
by @BogdanRaducan3

The rest is my own work since I am a gay romance writer. (Also writing is my goal in life, so there are a bunch of them.) I’ll leave it in a description so you don’t have to look at it if you don’t want. Happy reading either way and happy valentines! :slight_smile:


Locus of Control



Kyler, a well-respected and charismatic scientist, always found time to stop and smell the roses life presented. A reserved boxer like Brice would much rather step over the roses while waiting for his chance at the championships. When mysterious circumstances released the Locus virus, a zombie-like infection with no cure, they quickly lived up to their name. The victims of this virus are harshly mutated, and will rapidly consume whatever they can, including their once fellow man.

For the survivors, food is limited, and friends are fairweather at best. The two men meet by chance on a rooftop where Brice’s painful history leaves them immediately at odds. His reserved nature only feeds his fear of betrayal as Kyler’s positivity, generosity, and desire for companionship become more than a chivalrous jest. Despite rising tensions, fate forces them together, and a spark is born.

A spark, however, is a tender and fragile thing. In a lawless world, heartless survivors who harbor selfish desires can crush a spark, and a chance at true love could be lost forever in a monster-infested apocalypse.

The Winter March


Locus of Control book two.

With Kyler missing, Brice has been left to fend for himself before the winter comes. A large monstrosity could be waiting around every corner, his food supplies are unstocked for the looming winter, and the loss of his newfound lover keeps him up late into the night reliving the tragic event.

As a forced resident, however, Kyler has been introduced to an entirely new world. An underground colony of survivors, fresh food on demand, and only one rule. Crack the code as quickly as possible. Working with his labmate Mel, Kyler must find a way to break the genetic code that keeps them locked away. Can Kyler break the deadly code that could save what little is left of humanity? Or will he be forever trapped in the metal coffin around him?

What’s Your Deal?



Description: Being the son of a dirty cop isn’t easy. Jeff has been bullied since middle school when the first accusation was slung about his father, and he has learned that putting on a tough act is the only way through. Using his natural talent, Jeff is able to push away anybody who ever tried to get close to him.

One such person is Brant. The local gay, and social outcast. Brant has been putting up with the worst that humanity has had to offer since the day he was born. Admiring Jeff from afar has only cemented his affectiors for the boy, but every attempt at friendship has been met with frustration, repressed anger, and bitter rejection. Can Brant break through Jeff’s calloused personality and show him there’s more to life than being a social scandal? Or will Brant be just another mask for Jeff ignore while trying to make it through high school?

Love The Lost


Description: Book two of "The Truth Always Comes Out. Please read “What’s Your Deal” to understand what has transpired before this time.’s-your-deal-complete

The Larson family was devastated after Jeff had been removed from their care. Brant quit trying in school, almost didn’t graduated, and stayed at his mothers new home ever since. A shell of his former self, all he can do is text Jeff’s phone, hoping one day he will hear back from his lover.

Jeff, however, has no knowledge of this, and the second he turned eighteen fled his grandparent’s home, returning to his hometown to reunite with Brant. Upon arrival, Jeff was devastated to find out Brant no longer lived in their old home, and with no forwarding address. Fearing the worst, he goes to Ashford, the local community college in hopes of finding somebody who has even heard of Brant. In his rush to flee his grandparent’s reign, he acquired a new phone, leaving him friendless once more in a world that seemed bitter and familiar. Can these lost lovers finally reconnect after all this time, or has the time they’ve lost killed their chances at true love…?

Love Struck



Description: All Matt wants is his two best friends to be just that, best friends. Unfortunately, both Kevin and Marcy want more than just his friendship, they both want him to be theirs. Their emotional attachment to Matt keeps him on his toes as they tirelessly try to claim his heart. As one moves in for the strike, the other manages to block, endlessly continuing their assault on poor Matt.

Sabotage, subterfuge, and seduction are the three puzzle pieces that if arranged in the right combination will unlock Matt’s fragile heart, and give victory to one. The thread that keeps the three together seems to be breaking, and Matt clings desperately to his best friends as they both attempt to woe him. Can Kevin steal Matt’s heart, or will Marcy get to it first?

The Apprentice Assassin



Magic, power, and blood. It’s all about who you know. Thomas was raised to be a fighter. With no known magical power to speak of. He has had to push himself harder than most to gain the respect he so desired. Joining the military at sixteen, he rose through the ranks, even going so far as to accepting vision-enhancing implants. Seven years later, his hard work finally paid off.

He and his squadmates are tasked to go to the badlands on a mission to the eastern continent to recover secret documents from a rogue faction of spies. The information is said to contain information on the Flara, a group of shady billionaires who are slowly buying up every corporation they can get their hands on, as well as the weakness of the Cantorians, an evil group of seemingly immortal creatures with powers beyond the human scope.

Not all is as it seems however, as these documents are ordered to be recovered or destroyed. Can Thomas uncover the evil plot that threatens to claim not just the stock market, but the entire world?

Scavenging for Love

Which comes first, love or duty? In Jason’s case, he is forced to choose between working for the tribe that has raised him, or loving the only person who has ever cared for him. Sage, next to work for the tribe on his eighteenth birthday, has no desire to do so. After a childhood accident where Jason saved him from a Gagkut in the badlands, he hopelessly falls in love with the young man and has tried to claim him ever since.

The tribe, however, needs medicine that prevents them from the ever creeping sickness that turns them into the monstrous Gagkuts. The only way to acquire this medicine they so desperately need is to bring the pregnant woman to the center-lands, a place filled with powerful magicians, and alchemists who live in the lap of luxury. The mothers to be, are mysteriously accepted into the city and are taken care of until they give birth. After testing the child’s magical aptitude, the mothers are sent back with any reject, and a supply of medicine to take home to their tribe. Will duty suppress the love these two possess, or will their affections for each other supersede the needs of the tribe, potentially damning the village?

The Sounds of Love


Writing music isn’t as easy as you would think. To Jackson however, It’s easier than eating, sleeping, or desperately fawning over the love of his life. Being in love with the guy who eats, sleeps, and breaths for his coffee shop job comes with its own problems however. Spending time with his dreamy coffee shop barista always seems to boil down to a simple coffee run.

When coffee enthusiast Randy thinks of Jackson however, he thinks of the man who helped nurture him from the brink of death. The two had always been close, but to Randy they were never closer than just friends. Can these friends get past their blind spots for one another for a chance at true love? Or will their lives, careers, and ex-lovers make sure they never get the chance?


@ccstarfield and @saintc have some great LGBTQ romance stories! I also know @Olivaughn and @KR_Williams write LGBTQ romance!


RIENCARNATION By Darktheknight. Only 20 chapters
Returning from jail for six years, twenty one year old Jordan is being shoved into an arranged marriage by her brother. This arrangement will unite her father’s mafia gang and her husband, to be, drug cartel.

After running away, trying to kill herself and him she gets married and have to meet her husbands girlfriend who hates her.

Jordan must now find a way to leave or she will fall in love with Justin which is not what she is looking for.

Please leave comment as they help to make me a better writer. Also remember to vote if you like a chapter(only if you like it though). And you can share it too.


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Try Loving Zach by @DKDaisy :slight_smile:

Kickflip by @ccstarfield is also really good!


Oh heck yes :joy: (only confident in the demographic; we love some nerdy boys falling for other nerdy boys).

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Rhapsody, by @nearxlight - gut-wrenchingly beautiful, with stellar writing. One of my WP faves!