LGBT+ Writer’s Group!

Welcome to the LGBT+ writer’s group, a place for writers of the LGBT+ community and allies who write LGBT+ stories!

First off, feel free to introduce yourself, and just tell me if you’d like to be added to the tag list so you don’t miss out on the next thread!

:rainbow:Preferred pronouns
:rainbow:Genres you write and current WIPs
:rainbow: A brief introduction of you as an author that I can add as a description on the tag list should you choose to be on it.

Secondly, joining a group can seem awkward at first before you get to know the rest of the members, so here are a couple of conversation starters (suggestions of course, feel free to just jump in with other topics) to break the ice!

  • Have you written LGBT+ characters before?
  • If yes, what part have they played in your stories?
  • If no, what’s been keeping you?

A good way to get started on making people familiar with your stories is comp titles!

  • Are there any existing works (books, shows, movies etc.) you can compare your stories to/have similar elements?

  • What makes them similar?

  • If you haven’t thought of comp titles yet we’d be happy to help out if you’d like!

Thirdly, many come here to ask questions about writing characters from the LGBT+ community, and this is where we’ll bring up the most commonly asked questions and add relevant links!

TBA :heart:

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Hello @UrabonHeilemann ! :smile:

Alas, I’m going to have to remove your comment. Asking people read your story, and/or providing a link, is considered self-advertising and is against Club Guidelines

If you would like feedback on your story, feel free to have a look at the Story Services club :smile:

You can also share your story in the Share a Story Club :smile:

Thank you for understanding!

Fray - Community Ambassador :frog:

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Blerg, how are we supposed to discuss our LGBT stories, if we arn’t allowed to share our LGBT stories?


You can talk about your story without plugging it.


Well, can i post my comment then without the link?

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No. Asking people to read your story is still considered self-advertising even without a link.

You can only advertise for your story here: #share-your-story


this doesnt make any sense, but whatever.

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So, how are y’all handling your LGBT characters?
Particularily interested in Trans characters as i feel like this is a difficult state of mind to portray as a non-trans person.


I’m a trans guy, so I base my trans characters off of lived experience, or experiences that have been related to me by people I know who are also trans. All my stories have trans protagonists. But, there is a lot more to me than my “transness”. I’m actually a pretty normal and boring person. So, for non trans people trying to write trans characters, I always ask: have you read many trans own voice stories?

If you care enough about the trans community to write a trans character, then I would hope you care enough to read our own stories, or at least interact with us in person. There are also several forum threads about writing trans characters where you can hear feedback from several members of the trans community.


I do have a few trans persons among my friends and they keep a critical eye on my representation. I’ll admit though that I havn’t read alot of stories with a Trans-person POV, but this is exactly why i decided to insert one into my party of protagonists.

I feel like there is too little representation in the high-fantasy genre. Sure there is sometimes the side-character who mentions it in a sentence and rarely there is the trans-side-kick in the hero-party, but I’ve never seen a high-fantasy epic that actually dares to develop these characters beyond making it a token attribute of their character.

Miral (name meaning blessed daughter in the old Elven tongue and who’s birthname was Miril, blessed son) is a character whos arc is about growing independent from the need of being accepted. For the first two books struggles to be recognized next to her magically far more powerful older sister and tries to be accepted by her father, until she breaks ties with her family in the fourth book and becomes a big political player in the books 5, 6 and 7. I plan for her arc to climax in a speech which she holds in the imperial court, where she calls out the pro-war faction and the royal family in general for being a bunch of lunatics and then heads off to aid the other main characters save the world.

Generally i try to make transgenderism to be an important aspect of her story, but not THE defining character trait of her. Rather I try to show that trans-people are just as capable of heroic deeds if you just fucking let them.


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I just came to say hello and possibly talk about fanfiction.


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