LGBT+ Writer’s Group!

They’d contact you. There’s a whole thread about their requirements let me see if I can find it

story request threads?

Under the SYS (share your stories) there’s an option for threads where you can ask for a specific type of story

Okay, thanks.

thank you!

No problem

I THINK I’ve thought of a way to have Argus and Leo split in OVS (on amicable terms this time) however I think it means I’d have to length my timeline a little more and push some other stuff back.

We never say it but I’m pretty sure Derek faces a bit of criticism in his life, just not about his appearance.

Which would make it more endearing if he still caved and made an effort!

You shouldn’t! I said it was a bad thing already!

You keep tabs on your timeline? :eyes:

slides in
Helloooo fellow fantasy/lgbt/horror fan~ :eyes:

lol hi! What type of books do you like?

Who would dare criticize Derek Bumblebee?

Once Leonides got taller than Cidro it became harder for him to pull the “big brother” card!

I have to
I mean I don’t really have to because it’s not like I’m writing a spin off but I like to keep track of characters being born or just how much older my characters are getting/the passage of time. And travel time takes up a big chunk when it takes MONTHS to get anywhere :roll_eyes:

Well primarily dark fantasy, but other kind of fantasy too :blush: and a big bonus if there’s healthy lgbt rep. Got a series I like that’s more steampunk fantasy romance but there’s lgbt rep and like, can’t say no to steampunk :woman_shrugging:
Also have an affinity for Diana Wynne Jones. Really like her way of writing and characters!
So in a way maybe I like reading more lighthearted stuff but love writing dark stuff :thinking:

People he’s tried to kill, or people he’s hurt. Or people who’ve approached him for his skills and have formed a long term companionship but he mostly makes fun of them.

But where is the “I love my brother” card? :disappointed:

I mean I have to too, but it’s hard especially since I’m still changing the order of things and having to keep it accurate to everything that happened in the trilogy, and it’s a headache

Ive only recently gotten into dark fantasy, mostly because our family is religious and if I wanted a book that was deemed ‘demonic’ I would be in some deep trouble. I read a book by Kota Lovette, which was my launching pad for all of this. I only recently read I think…3 other stories that were pretty creepy.
I also like any book whatsoever as long as it has no typos and has has a good plot. Ive been reading since I was one, apparently, and I can remember the stories of book ive read when I was in elementary lol

They should all be glad Derek even thought of them!

Don’t do this! Leonides loves Cidro so much but he becomes a grown man at like the age of 7 and is GRUMPY.

Timelines are so frustrating. I want to go back to ORG days where it literally didn’t matter and I was having a blast. Now I have to consider how long it takes to get from place a to b and all this annoying stuff. I just hope I fit this all in 3 books

Ahh I guess that could be a problem. I haven’t talked too much to my parents about my content because my mom is fairly religious (though she’s actually less open about it in recent years) and scolded me when I mentioned necromancers so since my stories literally deal with themes about devils and corrupt churches I felt a bit :confused: about showing it to her. Not that she can’t look it up.
I’m also working on splitting my story from this world and making up a fantasy religion so that could help.

Similar experience here. I was writing a story that included magic and she got upset. I also had to learn about witchcraft and Harry Potter and this history of it for a few months in one class(it was so fun-we got to go see some really old relics from the time period such as haunted mirrors and tarot cards that came from this museum in Britain that is really prestigious)she flipped. I swear, if she were a priestess she would perform an exorcism on me after that class :joy:

Oh, I also wanted to say that if you see someone randomly come into this thread saying that they are me, it is me. Im currently using a school account and I don’t have a wattpad account on my private email. Definitely gonna get in trouble when I go back to catholic school on monday by it was worth it :wink: