lgbt+ writers and readers.

tell me some of the most annoying tropes or things mostly found in lgbt books i want to make a youtube react video on this.

A-are you LGBT?


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I think one of the biggest issues with LGBTQ+ books is when they make things really unrelatable or very different from the real world. If you’re trying to get people to read and make connections with your reader then the characters have to be at least some what relatable ya know? I’ve found that a few of the really bad inaccuracies are

  1. The coming out issue.
    Like, yes, the coming out and peoples reactions are extremely important to any LGBTQ+ story, and I know that its not the same for everyone, but that’s how stories write it. The 3 main ways stories write it are
    A. coming out = big disaster and everything goes to Tartarus in a hand basket
    B. coming out = surprise but all is accepted
    C. coming out = everyone already knows because its obvious
    these can be true but I know my coming out wasn’t like any of these therefore its unrelatable for me.
  2. Meeting a partner.
    meeting a partner in those stories either go religiously by
    B. There is absolutely no one else in this town but me and this one other person that could ever be anything but straight.
    so yes, again, this may be accurate for some people. I have a friend that is 1 out of 2 transpeople in their entire giant high school. But me personally? I have 10 friends at my school at the moment that are a variety of different LGBTQ+ parts. That is more that ever in a B situation and it has so much variety, it would never fit the A situation. So again unrelatable.
  3. High school LGBTQ+
    the problem when it comes to these stories is that they give no room for what actually happens. TESTING GENDER AND SEXUALITY. In high school, yes some people know exactly who they are, but most don’t. And that’s never added into a story unless that person is some crazy ex who dumped the main character because they realized they were straight and then that ex is shown in some crazy bad light just because they realized they were straight. This happens in real life and sometimes it doesn’t go over well but in high school, it happens. People are trying to figure out who they are and they can’t do that well unless they test it right? So it doesn’t make sense for people to not write it into the story seeing as 9 out of 10 times an actual LGBTQ+ person has met someone who identified as LGBTQ+ at one time or another and then realized that wasn’t who they were and they were actually cis and straight.

Again. No hate on LGBTQ+ stories. I personally love them and the representation that they have. These are my personal thoughts and people are welcome to agree or disagree.


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i’ll be sure to tag you. thank you so much for the feedback.

I’m writing a book which, I think, doesn’t follow any tropes. It’s based on my personal experience, growing up in a small town, but with a fantasy twist. The main character summons a Demon to get back at the school bullies. He and the demon end up in a messed up kind of relationship…

I just wouldn’t recommend doing this as a non-LGBT person; I don’t really think it’s your place to talk about what’s wrong with LGBT stories on Wattpad as someone who’s not in the community. It has a serious chance of coming off as homophobic/transphobic.

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hmm i wonder how me complaining about overly done tropes for example: of the nerdy boy falling over himself for the school’s jock or billionaire playboys who always eff their new assistants? or Alphas who always reject their runt mates? will come off as homophobic?

I don’t wish to speak on behalf of yvesdot, but my understanding, as a queer woman, is that as a straight cis person, talking about the LGBTQIA+ community on your youtube could be seen as a way to capitalise on queer people in a way to gain more views and followers, although I don’t believe that to be your intent.
Also, the tropes that come up tend to be more personalised and more intrinsic to the community. It’s not necessarily nerdy boy falls for the school jock, but more the only gay character is a stereotype, there’s homophobia in the novels, the “coming of age” stories are actually coming out stories. It’s not the same as, for example, the tropes of a romance genre. Those tropes are mousy assistant ends up with the CEO billionaire, whereas the LGBTQ stuff stems from a lack of positive representation.
The understanding of these tropes often come from being LGBTQIA+ and as a queer academic, it’s hard to read or see something from a straight cis person analysing something about the LGBTQIA+ community, because it’s hard to believe they have the understanding of what the community faces and what these tropes actually mean.
I say this as someone who wrote their thesis on the gay best friend trope in young adult literature. The research often stemmed away from the thesis topic.
My apologies for the length of this reply. If you have any questions, I’m more than happy to reply, either through here or via private message.


well i would hate if anyone else were to misinterpret my intention with the video so thanks for the insight…it actually helped me understand and so i will not be making that video anymore.

I’m an ally myself but I had a story enter my heart that I just had to start writing recently for wattpad. I’m excited for feedback as I get deeper into the story. I hope that readers can identify with my story even though it is based in high school (senior year, 18 year old characters). I wanted to start in high school and maybe have a sequel take place after. I just wanted my first book to be older teen friendly.

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I agree with you. In few of the stories I have read girls in high school, one girl drops the other girl to her place, and wow the whole neighbourhood is filled with same sex couples. This looks difficult in real life scenario.

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