LGBT+ Writer's Group!

Welcome to the LGBT+ writer’s group, a place for writers of the LGBT+ community and allies who write LGBT+ stories!

First off, feel free to introduce yourself, and just tell me if you’d like to be added to the tag list so you don’t miss out on the next thread!

:rainbow:Preferred pronouns
:rainbow:Genres you write and current WIPs
:rainbow: A brief introduction of you as an author that I can add as a description on the tag list should you choose to be on it.

Secondly, joining a group can seem awkward at first before you get to know the rest of the members, so here are a couple of conversation starters (suggestions of course, feel free to just jump in with other topics) to break the ice!

  • Have you written LGBT+ characters before?
  • If yes, what part have they played in your stories?
  • If no, what’s been keeping you?

A good way to get started on making people familiar with your stories is comp titles!

  • Are there any existing works (books, shows, movies etc.) you can compare your stories to/have similar elements?

  • What makes them similar?

  • If you haven’t thought of comp titles yet we’d be happy to help out if you’d like!

Thirdly, many come here to ask questions about writing characters from the LGBT+ community, and this is where we’ll bring up the most commonly asked questions and add relevant links!

TBA :heart:

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So I’d forgotten we were close to the end and this was really surprising :sweat_smile:

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Well at least it’s something, and now you can go over it to see if things worked out! :blush:

Not at all :grimacing: I’ve barely written all week and in the end I had to give up yesterday.

I can’t believe I know have to reply to THIS thread.

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:rainbow:Name/Nickname: Sky
:rainbow:Preferred pronouns: she/her
:rainbow:Genres you write and current WIPs: paranormal, romance, and teen fiction. I have some completed stuff, but my WIP right now is a vampire/werewolf story.
:rainbow: A brief introduction of you as an author that I can add as a description on the tag list should you choose to be on it: hi, I write whatever comes to mind. Usually, when I write LGBTQ+ characters, I try to go the route of acceptance and that labels don’t always matter. They sure as hell stressed me out so I said, forget it.

Um, I’d love to be added to the tag list. But be weary, I’m a natural born lurker so if I pop in randomly, it’s because I was lurking. :sky_is_limit:


i guess that’s true. i’m probably gonna try cut this scene down a few words, though, because it’s way longer than i anticipated…

ahh that sucks. sorry to hear that. hopefully things will get better for you soon :smiley:

We just want to laugh at Tom and acknowledge that Richard is cuddly.

She’s not though. Not even a little.


To think the secret to eternal life is so simple and yet we’re all fools for not figuring out sooner.

God I wish.
Argus would laugh at him. Finally, a win for the blond pretty boys.

Derek’s just trying to spice up his bedroom.

But Noah suffers anyway.

Argus: I…I cheated on you.
Leo: what??? what happened?
Argus: Aayden wrapped me in his furs. I’m so sorry.
Leo:…that’s it?
Argus: In Oskya
Leo: :rage: :rage: :rage: :rage: :rage:

I mean. I guess over everything that happens in their lives? Sure.

heyo. welcome to the thread.

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Thanks very much!

My name is Shu.

I don’t mind any pronouns!

Genes I write are, romance, fantasy, horror, and sometimes mystery! I am working on a GXG book called A Fornite Romance, and another book that’s called A Diamond In The Rough

I am a small time writer and editor who wants to be a photographer, I am even working on making a Website, Facebook page, and a business card. I mostly get my writing ideas from my dreams so I always have new ideas. I only been writing sense April, and so far everything is going great, I already have a new book coming out soon!

When it comes to making books, I try to go away from what is ‘popularly’ and try to go for something that hasn’t been out there for a long time.

I’m writing my first LGBTQ book, that is trying to stay away from labels, where the MC just dates who she loves, and keeps her sexuality a secret. To this day I feel a lot of people are scared of labels they give themselves, so for me writing this, I hope it opens more minds!

Welcome! I’ll add you to the tag list! :blush: (Also yay for a fellow paranormal writer~)


Thank you!

We love paranormal :v:

Ah how long do you usually make them?

Yeah it always has before so I’m not too worried ^^’ it’s a bummer though

Woo, thanks very much!

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So how do we combine them? Richard could crush Tom in a cuddly way while sleeping because werewolf Richard is a heavy beast.

She’s at least been trying in the books!


It’s an easy part to miss.

Even I couldn’t deny the blond pretty boys winning if Lucius ends up looking like Wrinkleface.

Like the good friend he is. No one is happier about this relationship than him (but is he around to see it though? :thinking:)

Certainly. Few parts of his young life is painless.

How could he do such a thing to Leo? :sob:

Yeah that’s the logic I was going with.

So how’s the outlining going? Or did you get further with the Hartanti chapter?

No problem. I can’t think of a smooth way to ask you about your wip :joy:

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Hey and welcome! :blush: Do you want to be added to the tag list?


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It’s okay! I was going to ask you, but then I felt awkward lmao. Eh, currently, I have a vampire/werewolf/witchy/goddess type thing going on. It was my nano project, but after 50k I started rewriting it because it was awful. And I mean just gross. But yay! I reached 50k again and it took the longest time ever!

What about you? What do you currently have in the works?