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I am now 2.3k words into this chapter. All Mel needs to do is wrestle a Gegraen/Oskyan boy, be suspicious of his travel partners and be accused of witchcraft and we’re good.




He hasn’t wrestled yet?




Not yet. I don’t know how it’s gonna happen. Is this boy just gonna wake up to him and go “hey wanna wrestle?”




Oh, so they don’t have a reason to wrestle yet?


It’s a great Oskyan pastime. I just…is he bored enough? Mel and Mung are the only other teenagers around. Mung is clearly not a wrestling man. I guess he (his name is Dima, I’ll just start calling him Dima) could wrestle with some of the young adults first and Mel could be like “I want in on this.”


Sounds about right. I could picture Mel being interested in it at least. (Dime-ah or Dee-mah?)


It sounds like a Mel thing to do. And he’s full of teen angst so it’ll look like a great way to let off steam.

Second one.



Good to know.


I’m so fucking pumped.


Well, that’s what we’re going with! The fastest I get this chapter over the sooner I can start Larry’s romance arc and like…other important plot stuff but considering Larry is 37 and is about to have his first kiss I am very excited

I mean it’s Dmitriy but Dima is 1000% easier to type and he actively hates being called Dima so that’s what everyone calls him.


I’m pumped for the wrestling! My entire knowledge of how it works and how to write it comes from Neil who did it when he was in school so I at least know how to lose.


That chapter will write itself!



Amazingly skilled Neil to the rescue! :muscle:


When I first introduce characters and I haven’t developed them yet my brain just mixes them with the closest so so far Dima just looks like a shorter Aayden in my mind and I really, don’t like it.


I highly recommend dating someone who wrestles…for purely writing/research reasons.


Is it now I reveal my thing for big muscular women? Because I do so love them. I want a wrestler-lass.


What’s to reveal? Everyone with common sense loves big muscular women.