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At first I thought you meant the names were too similar and was like “yeah I think I’m pronouncing something wrong here…”

but ok I get it. I think that’s the case for me too. With Ivan and Derek, and the Hargreaves family in general :roll_eyes: at least Anthony and Damien, because they were the same person at first after all…


Fucking preach.

Big muscular thighs is everything I need in the world. As long as they’re okay with my soft, flabby bits.


Who’s Anthony???
Anyway, Anthony and Damien being the same person will haunt me for the rest of my life. Thank you.

I hate when my brain does it because I would like to believe my characters all look like their own person but like…common traits really mess me up. An given where Dima is from he is gonna be another blond trying to grow a mustache.


They better be

Listen, when I eventually hope over to Europe when can go soft/flab-loving muscular women hunting.


We’ll find them. And they’ll give the best hugs known to man. Also, they can pick up my clumsy ass and carry me when I sprain my shitty ankels.

And I’ll admire them when they work out. Honestly, it’s all a win-win situation.


Not sure, but he invades my mind with his presence occasionally…
I’ve said this before! There was just one leader of the BBT and it was a sort of blend of Damien and Anthony but Lucius got a crush on him so I had him be a bit nicer than the Damien kind but still needed a bad guy. So there are two of them now.

Nooo please don’t grow a blond mustache…


I’m not gonna fix my typos. I just saw them. But I’m in the middle of Mel getting his ass handed to him, so I’m not gonna fix my typos : P

That right there is what we call relationship goals. I only watch Neil work out if he’s working his back because I have a weird thing for back muscles.


Ah, see I must have forgotten it to protect myself.
Unfortunate to have a crush on Damien. Even more unfortunate to end up with his son or nice-Damien. Just the nice bits of Damien’s personality cut out of him and made into a person. That better be how Anthony is born in the books.



Meh, you overlook my grammatical errors. I overlook your typos (;

Honestly, men’s backs are fucking beautiful and I’ve photographed them a lot. I don’t know what it is, but they look amazing. I’m with ya there. You, my friend, have marriage goals.


I mean it is. Or kind of. It was more like “oh the BBT leader wasn’t so bad after all BUT dramatic pause HE HAS A DAD” (and a bunch of other people with paintings but they’re not at all developed yet)



I’m okay with this deal.

I saw one nice back when I was but a lad and it ruined my life. Now I can’t walk behind anyone lifting weights in the gym or I will be called out.


Damien 100% deserves the dramatic pause with all his grump and heart attacks he’s just drama-Anthony.

Listen. Everyone knows it doesn’t look good. They do it anyway.


A gentlemen’s agreement, HUZZAH

I think I saw Vin Diesel in Riddick and that was it for me. Men’s backs will forever be one of my favourite motifs to photograph.


An actually dramatic Anthony would just be weird. The drama had to go somewhere else.

What if they dye it?


raises smoking pipe in salute

I don’t remember what back became my defining moment. I just know that when Neil and I started going out he was like “I hope you don’t mind I’m really into the gym and just let me know if I get too big because I don’t want to hurt you–”


Poor Damien. This is why he’s never happy.

That would look worse


raises a glass of whisky

“I hope you don’t mind I take care of my body and try and stay healthy.”

Neil. You pure pure man. Never let this wonder go, June.


Honestly now that I think about it everything’s just worse for Damien.

Damien: So I’m sending you away, so you can’t see Lucius anymore.
Anthony: That’s pretty sucky, dad
Anthony: … Clearly… k bye


I love him so much I just spent my morning buying him soooo many Christmas presents and I’m not even done yet. I am a man full of fluffy feelings you have no idea.


Clearly it’s a worse situation for Damien because now he has to spend time with Lucius. It sucks for everyone.