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Exactly! Lucius is still around, and the one family member Damien has left (depending) is gone. Anthony was already depressed and hadn’t known Lucius for that long so the sadness probably didn’t get that much worse tbh, so all that’s left is unstable Lucius roaming the town and poor Damien having to deal with it.


Marriage :clap: Goals :clap:

What did you buy?


That in itself was one of the most depressing things I’ve read today. Anthony just like “welp, I’m already sad I guess this can’t make it worse…”


I got him a new watch because he’s wanted one. I got him this daily moisturizing set because no one has drier skin and also it smells nice and comes with beard oil that cost more the cream but hey :,) he loves his beard. I got him really cheesy stuff as well like couple coupons which I plan to group with other cheesy gifts that I haven’t quite thought of yet but I have time. I got him a goddamn filing cabinet because he has 3 in our bedroom that he uses for lord knows what (nerd things, I assume) but this is a premium filing cabinet and it comes with a whole set to help you sort things and I know he’s gonna die as well as lots of WoW related merchandise because he’s a nerd for that too.


Anthony quickly went from this strong, powerful character to an easily manipulated depression sack.


I would say poor Anthony but we both know I just want to throw him out a window.


You can still feel sorry for him while throwing him out!


Spouses who support each other’s nerd-dom is my fetish. Now he can sort all his nerd stuff real nice.

Also, beard oils makes a massive difference - both in density and in softness. My brother uses them and his beard looks so much nicer after he started using them. So that’s an A+ gift - for the both of you.

I don’t know if you have them in the US - but in Denmark you can get these gift cards for taverns or cinema trips or a night out at a fancy restaurant. That could be another cheesy fluffy gift?


You’re right!

wipes a single tear as I carry Anthony to the window


I love my nerd. My one problem is my husband is a chronic traitor and plays both horde and alliance so I’m not sure what to get him when it comes to WoW stuff.

Oh definitely. He has one now but I’m not a fan of the smell so this will be an improvement for both of us. It was weird when I went to go test the product tho and they were like “you…you don’t have a beard sir.” and I was just asking them to let me smell it.

We have those. :thinking: That could work.


He’s impressed with your strength!


He should be! I worked out for this moment.


Dammit, Neil, pick a side already! I guess you just have to buy a little of both?

Didn’t you know the sense of smell sits in the beard? :joy:
As if you can’t buy beard oils for other people.
Oh also, you can get conditioner for beards too. My friend uses that and it makes it eeextra soft and gives it a little shine too.

It’s the right kind of cheese - and you get to go out and do something you like too.


He’s very touched. He probably doesn’t mind being thrown out.


Yeah I’m going to have to. They have little blankets and hoodies so I can buy one of each.

I think more so they were frightened by the speed in which I walked into the store and demanded to start smelling their oils. I probably had a crazed look in my eyes.

And I am a man who likes going out on dates.


Step off Anthony. I’m not the type of young boy to (maybe) party with.


Omg, that sounds amazing and adorable.

“YOUR OILS! LET ME SMELL THEM!” - is how I imagined things went down.

So now you get to gift your hubby with a date - while also taking yourself out. Holy fuck, the inventor of those gift cards was a genius.


But his other young boy option is so far away!



Pretty much. I was on a mission.

Honestly. It handles all the pre-date problems. Don’t know where to go? This gift card is for specific places. Don’t want to spend money? Already got that covered.


Maybe if Anthony was better at flirting he wouldn’t be so lonely.