LGBT+ Writer's Group!


It’s the Hargreaves family


How will I write happy times with such sadness in my heart?


It’s Anthony!




Derek is fortunately very undepressing


That’s why I love him.


Understandable. He’s very lovable.


Good to get a bit of Derek appreciation out of the way.


We must praise him every day.


He’s hot. A good friend. So charming.

Okay, that’s my input for the day


I’m blanking on how to praise him further.


I mean. Probably A+ in bed


Certainly, and a great party host.


Naturally. He has all the good host qualities.


I totally know how to write teenagers.

"What the fuck do you want?" Mel settled back on his elbows.

Dima gestured at him with his chin. “You wrestle?”

Mel almost grinned. Perfect Letrossi. The words, at least. His accent still skewed by being a Highlander. Words almost rounded and soft in the way Wiara’s was but stern and skidding to a stop as it did with Oskyans.


“I want to wrestle.”

“Fuck off.”


Oh Mel :heart:

So eloquent.

So amazing.

So… Stabby :heart_eyes:


He is known throughout the lands for his eloquence and ability to stab.


And his fame is well-deserved.

What is up with me and stabby bois lately


You find the threat of danger endearing?


I do. And I shouldn’t. But I do.