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Time for both my least favorite and most favorite part of writing! I’ve decided I wanted a character to say something in one of my made up languages! But I haven’t come up with the words for it! :,)


Oh Fray…listen you love the stabby and there’s no shame in it. Danger? Yes. Lots of danger but you’re prepared


Maybe I’m just a typical chick who has a thing for bad boys. Bad boys who stab people regularly. :hocho:


You like it when they pick you up on their motorcycles, wearing a leather jacket and say “Let’s go babe, I got people to stab.”


And power metal plays out of invisible speakers, while flames comes out of the exhaustion of the motorcycle.

I’m such a basic bitch. But I can’t fight it.


Plus all guests are automatically intoxicated :+1:


Man am I glad you like stabby boys


And they’re doing that bad boy squinty face that all bad boys seem to make where it’s like you can’t tell if there’s sun in their eyes or they’re just trying really hard to focus.


Intoxicated from actual substances are just purely off seeing the beauty that is Derek?


The first, and let’s also say the second because it’s Derek we’re talking about.


I would expect nothing less.


Are you telling me… There are also stabby bois in your work? Because I intent on reading that when I’ve finished June’s.

@Poindexter Do all bad boys have bad eye sight or do they just do that face to look tough? WHO KNOWS?! They’ll probably stab you if you ask.


There is a very stabby boy.

I’ll expect you to get to my books in a year or so then :kissing_heart:


Don’t ask unless you want to get stabbed. Bad boys must have hair that sometimes sweep into their eyes so we can look at them in awe when they flip it out and we notice there is beauty hiding beneath all that…roughness.




Omg. :heart::hocho:

Also, lol. I’m more than halfway through OVS and there are two more, right?

So… Sometimes next year, unless I go crazy and just sit and read all day when I get home next week :joy:

@Poindexter Why yes, of course. And they have a tendency to lean against stuff with their arms folded across their chest because they’re that hardcore.


They also have to have one leg propped up to show they don’t give a fuck about whether or not they get knocked off balance. No one would dare. They’re so stabby.


Ooohhh yeaaahhhh, that’s the stuff.

I also now realise my stabby boi does none of this. He’s also bald so no hair flipping. He’s basically just really stabby and angry and shrugs a lot.


To be fair Mel doesn’t really do this stuff either. He just insults people, curses at them, and then threatens violence for…what reason? I guess Mel truly is a rebel without a cause.


I’m so curious who Dima is now :sweat_smile: I need to start reading OVS again, I stopped a few weeks ago and now I can’t find the time!!