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Dima doesn’t show up for a long while so I wouldn’t worry about getting up to speed. And I mean…it’s okay. OVS isn’t going anywhere.


The chaotic stabby boi.

Nathan is the neutral stabby boi. He’ll mostly just stab you if you threaten his very large boyfriend who could totally take care of himself.


That is the best kind of stabby boy and I fully support him.

Mel’s just kinda “I’m bored, who wants to get stabbed?”


I miss Derek so much!



I think Mel and Nathan would get along quite nicely. They could talk about knives. And not being able to read. And stabbing people.

Perfect grounds for a friendship.


FINALLY. Mel is so desperately in need of friends he doesn’t constantly fight with.

and one day this boy will learn how to read


We all miss Derek.



Nathan could need some friends too. He’s not good at making them - mainly because he sucks at talking to people. He’s very good at stabbing them though, so he does have that going for him.

My boy will never learn. But he loves audio books, so that’s another thing he’s got going for him!


It’s a very big thing at least in the first book :+1: stabby boys stab a lot

Sounds about right!


I miss my oldies in general. Maybe that’s why I’m stuck on this arc because right now it’s newbies only…


Yaaaasss the world needs more stabby bois!

Fabulous. Shouldn’t be long then!


Ah, perfect! Mel also isn’t the best at talking to people. Great at making them angry tho.

He’ll do it to impress Mung at least. But then he’ll actually take a look at a book and peace out. Knives are way more interesting.


Could be. Maybe you just need a short stroll down memory lane before jumping into newbie only territory.


Debatable, but let’s say it does : D



I tried with Frey’s story. At least it has Damien, and Frey is a blend of oldie and newbie… But it’s still not… The same feeling.


Oh no : (.

You know what you need then?


But maybe actually just…dive into it. It won’t be the same but get immersed in newbie only territory and maybe it’ll get easier.


Derek won’t be here for another arc! And I still need to check the timeline so no under-18-ers go to his parties!

Ugh… But they’re so new and underdeveloped and hard to write…


Yes of course. No one under 18 may see Derek or attend his parties.

But that’s the fun part! You get to develop them.


If I skip yet another year (I’m pretty sure I’ve been consistent with each arc taking place a year after the previous one) I can make it so they’re late 17-ers… Unless it’s fall and they’ve all had their birthdays. Not sure how it’ll line up with Noah’s issues in the previous arc though… cries on timeline

yeah but… it’s been so long since I developed characters. Whenever I write the oldies I don’t have to think, they just write themselves but these newbies are so blank and I’m obviously gonna have to do heavy edits on their personalities at some point and BLURGH


Timelines suck but that’s something for rewrite Julia to worry about.

Just force yourself to smile and say character development is fun like I am as I rework Mel’s entire personality in ORG.