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Rewrite Julia will worry about it.

That’s a lot of names/words to come up with o: BUT YOU’RE MAKING PROGRESS SO GREAT. I still haven’t decided what POV to write this chapter in and it goes up…tomorrow.



IT DOES FEEL GREAT but now my soul is tired after 800 words so I need a break. Hopefully I’ll be able to write more though, and maybe even update tomorrow!

Sounds rough to update yesterday AND tomorrow… Isn’t it possible to skip a week?

I am.


HUZZAH. I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you.

My soul would burn if I skipped a week and I really just…hate how little I’ve been writing but this is a hard decision.


I just don’t want to rush things either but my impulse says to just get it over with

Roll a die or something to decide one pov and if you’re not happy with the chapter that’s for rewrite June to deal with.


Tell your impulse to shut it.

Okay but rewrite June for this chapter wouldn’t be so far in the future so current June has a reason to be blocked on this


My impulse is being shut and so I’m not writing…

Roll a die and stick with it.


No! Turn the writing part on at least!

Listen there are pros and cons to each a die won’t help


Too late.

If the pros and cons weigh the same it doesn’t matter so a die would definitely help



They don’t tho, is the thing


I’m just hungry I think.

Then you should already have the answer



I don’t. It’s very complicated


I will. I’m gonna get pizza.

But if one outweighs the others it should be the one! Or just… Split it into scenes and have two povs, if you can skip one?


Ooh pizza. I had some last night.

No it’s like…I have 3 potential characters who would 1. all be present and 2. all narrate specific events. Now there are some events one character won’t be there for but the importance of that scene is debatable. For one character the pro is their closeness to the queen and getting her side of things as well as providing set up to where one of their own arcs branch off. The con is that they won’t be there for a scene of debatable importance. For the other they would be there for that scene but would be seeing it through the eyes of someone not directly involved, also has some side arcs to include, but also has a…second row seat to some important plot things. Third character would be directly involved in scene that may or may not be important, give a new perspective on certain things, be involved in the upcoming plot stuff, but also wouldn’t be privy to a lot of it given their exclusion from Escana government so they would only know what involves them which isn’t all of it. I can’t pick and choose which scenes because it would mean for some reason in the middle of one character’s day I just…leave a blank and then fill it in through another POV? That would be odd.


It’ll be frozen pizza but it’s fine.

But isn’t that like… The way switching povs work? I don’t think it’s uncommon to have one half be from one character’s pov and then cut to another character’s pov halfway?



We talkin POV?


Well yes…but when they’re all in the same room during certain events and this all takes place in one day it would be like

Character 1: well before I went to x room for this we’ll just pretend I blacked out so character 2 can narrate this part but we’ll see I was there and then June will have to make it clear this happened before X but I just didn’t feel like telling you : P

Character 2: And yeah so now I have to also black out during another event so character 3 can take the reigns even tho I didn’t know they were there listening so I guess we’ll just stop this scene randomly in the middle so character 3 can have a turn.



I am at least. I have a “choosing which pov to write this in” dilemma.


I mean, if all povs are dependent on each other but you don’t want to switch povs maybe you should reconsider how the chapter’s laid out?


They’re not dependent on each other just it’s I have to commit to one or royally screw up everyone’s understanding of these scenes and I have to be okay with letting some of what happens during this day being explained away later because some characters aren’t there for everything.


If that’s what must be done, then that’s it. Is it first or third or are you worried about character outcome and dynamics affected by it?