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Leonides: “I was done wearing diapers when you were born.”

“Can you speak up?!”

I feel like Leonides would just make a bunch of snide remarks and Cidro would be too kind to say anything - but he’d probably say something like “I think it’s a little odd” to his wife when they had gone to bed.

Which… Must also be weird? “Hello, Step Child, who is older than me.”

I feel like the duel would be the only reasonable approach. “WHO ART THOU, ASKING FOR MY MAMA’S HAND IN MARRIAGE?!”


I could see that happening. Cidro and Liliana curling up in bed and him just going “you know I’m never one to be rude I just wish my father married someone a little older this time” But I guess he’s also used to it. Luca was only 6 years older than him. Leonides definitely has mastered the art of saying “Lady Mother” sarcastically as he got tired of having new step moms real quick.

I think Cordinia mostly found it weird because like…she thought her step children were hotter than her husband which I don’t blame her for. 50+ Frederick was losing his touch.

“Hello FIEND who dares to court my mother, the most wondrous of queens in the land. We must duel to first blood before you can have the honor of even holding her hand!”


And he’d probably whisper so no one heard him. And Liliana would probably just laugh at him because he has every right to say it’s weird, but he’s still too pure to actually say it out loud.
Oooohhh, I can already hear it, the sarcastic bastard.

He didn’t turn into a silver fox? Because hot damn, when some people hit 50… They just get hotter??? Both men and women.

“You foul bastard, you dare tell me, you’ve courted mama’s hand already? Now we duel… TO DEATH!”

I’d probably just pull the lassie aside and ask “Dude, what the fuck are you doing with my dad. And also, if you hurt him, I’ll flay you :slight_smile:


Cidro has not one mean bone in his body. So he would be very respectful. Always. He can’t help it.
The thing with Frederick is that he got sick. Late 40s, early 50s was when he lost most of the use of his legs and started having other health problems I’ll go into more later in the books because whatever he had runs in the family. Leonides for example, at 37 is starting to look good but Frederick just got sick and things went down hill for him.

I just…I love my mama. They touch my mama. They gonna die.


Cidro is probably one of my fave characters, just because he’s so gentle and pure and wholesome.

Sounds like he could have some form of late occuring ALS. Or MS?

Also, I like how Hartanti’s chapters are super descriptive of Leonides as if she totally doesn’t have a tiny crush on him.

Honestly same with my parents. Hurt them and you’ll die :slight_smile:


Cidro was really so nice. And he cared for his family. Can’t hate that.
It’s something like that, surely. I don’t know what I’m basing it off of but I kinda took symptoms that seemed to be common in “mysterious” ailments before we could properly diagnose people.

Hartanti just pays very close attention And hey, someone has to pay attention to Leonides since we’re never gonna get his POV.

I will PROTECT my mama’s heart with my LIFE.


Really really can’t. And when all the shit happened, I wanted to cry.
This is what is so great about Fantasy. Magical illness that makes this happen? YES SIR, WE DON’T NEED A DIAGNOSIS! Though, I totally found something that would make a kid deaf for my deaf character. (meningitis)

Yeah yeah, she’s soooo observant. Of how his hair is greying and how he’s getting a few wrinkles :wink:

It’s weird growing up, isn’t it? We grow up with our parents protecting us and then… Now when I’m 25 I’m like “MY PARENTS ARE PURE AND THEY NEED TO BE PROTECTED FROM EVERYTHING EVIL!”


We all cried. It was a sad day. Cidro deserves the world.
(I’m just dumb and doing research on real diseases??? HARD) It still works for both the fantasy thing and poking fun at history. The Harver family isn’t “cursed” their men doing die mysteriously they just all have the same inherited disease and no one’s caught on yet.


I’m so grateful for my mom for protecting and taking care of me that now I have to do it BECAUSE NO ONE ELSE SEEMS TO BE VOLUNTEERING TO CARE FOR THIS WONDERFUL WOMAN.


He does. At least he’s some place nicer now with other pure people because if he doesn’t get to go to heaven, no one fucking deserves to go to heaven.
(This is the one thing I actually know how to research in - also I can ask my friend and parents who’re all in the medical field!) See, this is what I love about historical fantasy. You get to do this kind of shenanigans!

Of course. And Hartanti is just so observant that she notices this. And also notices how he walks and looks good despite being in dirty clothes.

GOOD PARENTS DESERVE ALL THE LOVE AND PROTECTION FROM THEIR GROWN UP KIDS! My parents were honest to god the best. They made mistakes but goddammit they learned from them and they keep growing and I keep growing with them. Fucking love them to death.


I mean…I can’t think of one bad thing Cidro would have done in his life. Literally nothing. He never even had a rebellious stage. He was just always so kind.
(Oof the medical field is whole different beast to me. My knowledge is limited to googling how I’m gonna die every time I have a cold).

Maybe it’s just a well known fact that Leonides is very hot but no one else says it because they’re afraid of him. How about that

I really do love my mom. We were so close when I was growing up and she always did her best without much outside help and she’s just…such a good person. I’m so happy she’s my mom.


So he’s definitely picking flowers in heaven, is what you’re saying?
(Hahahaha, nooo, don’t do that. It’ll just tell you, you have cancer.)

Suuuuuuuuurrrrrreeeeee. Sure, we can totally just pretend that’s the case :wink: :wink: :wink:

This is the kind of shit that is my shit. Responsible and loving parents. Fuck yeah. (Now only if I could add those to my stories somehow…)


Yes, yes he is. He deserves nothing less. Although, he’s probably lonely.
(I have 7 incurable diseases and I’m gonna die soon apparently)

Listen, a man who ages like fine wine is one you’re gonna notice no matter what.

Loving parents in fiction??? Never heard of it


I was about to say, his dad is probably there, but uhm… Yeah, he’s totally not there, is he?
(Get off WebMD, June!!!"

Oh yeah. Definitely. Even an assassin who’s more aware of how the grass sounds when someone’s steps on it, than anything else. Yeeeerrrrppppp.

I think it’s a… Foreign concept. Definitely not something I’m familiar with. And the ones who are good, are dead :slight_smile:


I wouldn’t bet on it. Cidro probably got there and asked where his dad was and the Saints laughed for a long time.

Okay look. Argus isn’t gonna find him attractive. Leo’s too grumpy. Mel’s seen him once or twice. All we have is Hartanti! She’s the only who can tell us!

Dead parents are the best parents :slight_smile:


Aawww no. That really breaks my heart (and made me snort) because he was probably really excited about seeing his dad and they just laughed at him. ):

Yeeeeaaaahhh, good that she’s soooo good at describing him but literally no one else :wink: HartantixLeonides lives!

They can no longer hurt our poor characters, so yes :slight_smile:


Cidro: oh! Well I’m guess I’m glad to be here. Where’s my father?
The Saints: loud laughter
Cidro: he’s…he’s not here is he?
The Saints: more laughter
Cidro: well then, I guess he’s alive!


Thank goodness they’re spared pain by having dead parents :slight_smile:


Aw, my heart. Cidro, no. No no. Oh no :sob:


Better having dead parents than shit parents…??? I guess??? Well, they don’t get a choice anyways :slight_smile:


I’m writing a story that contains characters who are in the LGBT+ community and I need help.

I want to use people’s REAL LIFE experiences being LGBT+ within the story to show how some people react to those in the community and how people can learn to love themseleves; to not be scared of who they are even if people are prejudice against them.

The character I have the most question/needing help to write about is a female who is transgender. She is/wants to transition to a male and she is straight (meaning she/he (how would I refer to someone pre-transformation?) likes girls). I have a friend who is transgender but she is the other way around (MTF) and I feel that I have a good knowledge about that but I don’t know how it works the other way around (FTM). If you are or know about transitioning Female to Male, please comment about your experiences and how people reacted (good and bad).

The second LGBT+ character I am writing about is a homosexual male (inspired by my brother) and I feel like I have a good understanding around what he used to face when he first came out and how he has learnt to love himself (he used to be scared of who he was, but now he is prouder than ever and so am I!).

If anyone can maybe either comment on my thread about FTM transitioning or even about their experiences being apart of the LGBT+ community, please do so or reply to this comment with any and all advice!

If you want a link to the threat I made just so I can keep all information releveant to my story contained in one neat place, please PM me!


You refer to someone pre-op as the gender they identify with. So if it’s a physically male person who identifies as female, you’d use “she/her” pronouns. (Or alternatively, pronouns they’ve made up themselves - or they/them if they identify with that more)
They’re also a trans woman (meaning physically male who identifies as a woman) Goes for the other way around too, of course - with FTM.

I think it depends a lot on the environment your queer characters are in and which country too. For example, my experiences as a cis lesbian from a very small and very religious community are very different from my friends from big cities in Scotland.

Also, good on you for seeking out the experiences of the people you’re trying to portray!


It’s better this way.

It’s a professional relationship

Choices are for real people :slight_smile: not characters. They get dead parents or bad parents. No in between