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I also want to caution that writing lgbt characters as someone outside of the community = something fine and welcome. Writing about the expereince of being lgbt? Would not do.


I know… But it still makes me sad Cidro and probably Orland are the only ones who’ll meet in the after life.

Yes, yes :wink: :wink: :wink: You can’t sink this ship.

Naturally. Who else could they blamde for their dysfunctional, angsty messes?


The story is based in the Welsh Valleys. We’re not very religious here and for the most part people tend to be open about these kinds of things (my brother did face some descrimination when he came out) but my best friend who I am sure was the first transgender person to come out was heavily descriminated against. She faced sevre bullying even by our other best friend but I amde sure to stick by her. I just want to make sure I can correctly protrey the community in a light that doesn’t seem amature coming from a cis straight female


Yeah I’m gonna second this:

Leave it to the people experiencing it to write and talk about their experiences. You can include minorities in general without including the minority experience.


They’re the only sweet members of the family. Wait. Toli and Calvino might join them.


Angst has to come from somewhere!


The main character isn’t transgender herself, but the story is more so about a girl who is cis and straight trying to understand her friends and sibling and trying to help educate others about the LGBT+ community (as some people are ignorant; especially in a place like where I live (but here we are not against any kind of people really; some people are just ignorant naturally))


The first step is definitely to get sensitivity readers on your WIP. They can spot if there’s something problematic.

But also check out queer tropes here:

:arrow_double_up: Those should be avoided.


I…have to say while I’m thrilled you’re not trying to write about the trans experience this story is just the lgbt version of the white savior trope. You can write a story about lgbt people being happy without a straight person teaching others how to respect them or how to get them to love themselves


They will??? There are more pure brothers in the mix? I request more exposure to Toli and Calvino, please.


And we all know it comes from bad parents! ALWAYS! (where the fuck did mine come from???)


Toli writes a lot of poetry and keeps to himself and Calvino is away 90% of the time learning. So they’re decent people. They’ll be relevant when everyone starts getting married.


Being gay.


My wording isn’t the best but I don’t mean to make her sound like some kind of knight trying to lead everyone to the right place. It’s hard to explain but the main female is also someone who will be a potential love interest for an LGBT+ character. I’m not sure how to word anything to be honest but I hope you understand where I’m coming from???


I am so ready for them to be in the books more! The Harvers need better people to be around. And more vocal.

NO! YOU LEAVE MY SHIPS ALONE! In fairness, I haven’t shipped anyone purely out of my own imagination. Mel kissed Mung? SHIP! Argus kissed Leo? SHIP! Argus kissed Gaius? FUCKING DIE GAIUS!

Oh yes, how could I forget that. How dumb of me.


I’m just going to post here what I wrote on my thread;

I am currently writing a new story (dedicated to my brother and best friend who are both of the LGBT+ community) and I want to hear other people’s experiences as being LGBT+ (positive and negative)

I want to show the issues around homophobia, transphobia and all other forms of prejudice and discrimination against those of LGBT+. I want to use REAL LIFE situations that has happened to people of the community in the story to show the struggles they face every day.

Please do not feel forced to comment, but if you wish to share your experiences an LGBT+ or if you know of people who are LGBT+ please feel free to comment:

  • How you found out you were LGBT+
  • How you came out
  • How people reacted (good and bad)
  • How you overcame any form of discrimination or prejudice
  • Anything else you want to share that you feel may benefit my story

If you wish for me to post the plot of the story to help you guys gain an understanding as to what I’m writing and ways you guys thing I could write it, please feel free to ask!

Alternatively, if you think there is something I 100% should/should not mention/write about in the story please feel free to say so!


I mean I of course don’t know as much about your story as you do so I can only assume from what I’ve been told here. And I think in general a lot of us are tired of reading about lgbt people facing strife certainly in a story that won’t be centered on it and especially coming from outside the community. If this is a romance is there a source of conflict that isn’t about acceptance? Or being lgbt


There’s so many of them I have to ignore a handful for my own sanity

POOR GAIUS. And I suppose I get that. They’re arent a whole lot of ship options available because like…I’m evil.

Gay angst is the best angst


Okay, I’ll bite.

I looked at girls and was like “Well those are nice. I guess I’m into them.”

Then I was in a relationship with a guy and figured out I really wasn’t into men, no matter how hard I tried.

So, it was the gay way for me.

Sat and talked to my parents about a singer in X-Factor who was a lesbian and then I said I was a lesbian too.

They laughed. I said it wasn’t a joke and then they shrugged. They don’t really care, but just want me to be happy. Besides, my mum did that “mum knows all” thing and totally knew by the time I was 13.

Most have reacted well. Most don’t care.

Extended family on my mum’s side pretend I’m not gay and don’t ask me any personal questions in fear I’ll turn the conversation gay. They also believe homosexuality can be cured. So I’m super lucky with them.

I moved out of the country and settled in more progressive countries. I’m just one of many gay refugees from that particular country.


The conflict of their relationship is about what universities they’re going to and that’s probably the extent of their conflict (this also applies to the other male character but he isn’t a main character, he is her brother (which I am using from my real-life experience))


Most people reacted well to my brother too. There were the odd uneducated teenage boy who assumed because he was gay he would magically fancy them but I’m happy to say he’s not had anything major happen


Honestly, I’ll never fault you for that. One could argue you could just not make Argus have that many siblings, but it also adds so many layers to the story that there is an excessive amount of Harver children.

FUCK GAIUS! No, not a whole lot. I mean, if I really wanted to, I could ship anyone with anyone. But… I don’t start shipping before there’s some kind of connection there. Like a little kiss OR HARTANTI TOTALLY CRUSHING ON LEONIDES.

Gay angst is the best angst… Nowhere. Fuck that particular angst. I’d rather just go with regular “where the fuck did this come from???” angst.


Oh yeah, that’s a regular occurrence. Just because we’re gay we also no longer have preferences. We fancy all of the particular gender we’re into :roll_eyes: