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I would focus on that then. All anyone wants is more characters who happen to be lgbt and less “here’s an lgbt character let’s talk about their discrimination and struggles.” I also understand you’re basing these off real people and I’m not trying to seem like I want to be mean to you. It’s more like how I can say moonlight is an incredibly important movie to me as a black gay man from a less than stellar neighborhood but that does not mean I want every narrative that includes a black gay man from a less than stellar neighborhood to be about that and especially for writers who cannot write about the experience of lgbt we want more casual rep as in characters existing as lgbt in a story and having that not be a big deal. I do still reccomend doing research for the trans character and talking to afab trans people especially since amab won’t be able to answer the questions or have the exact same experience


My brother had a rushed coming out on Facebook one random day (I think he had had enough of not being open to everyone) and I remember when my nan drove up to my great-grandfather’s to try to explain everything (he is racist and homophobic having come from the coal mining era, most people were the same way back then) and my great-grandfather just proclaimed that he would be like Elton John which was not only slightly amusing but made my brother smile (he plays piano too) and which it sounds bad, my family who were homophobic sort of… stopped (well not stopped being, but they didn’t say anything to R about it what so ever when he came out or even now) being so when R came out


That’s great!


I totally get where your coming from and for the most part my wording of what I’m trying to say as been atrocious (I’m not the best at explaining things) but I don’t want to make my story be just about LGBT people but about teeange experiences too (well, by teenage I mean 18 - turning 19 about to leave for university etc)


Argus actually did have fewer siblings in older drafts. I increased the number and it turned outs out I really like him being the youngest of 10.

GAIUS ONLY WANTED A SMOOCH. Yeahhh I mean I guess when I write I usually only leave room for characters who will eventually have a romantic connection. Because that’s how I roll. And I don’t think I’ve ever been much of a shipper in the media I consume either. Not until it becomes a thing and I go “ah, guess I’ll support them.”

Apparently when you stop being a teenager it turns out this so called “angst” and rebellion i was living in is this wild thing called “clinical depression” who would have thought?


It’s also just a nice number. 10. (And easy to remember since my grandfather had 9 siblings)

Same. Completely same. I mean, I do sometimes think “Oh they’d make a nice couple” - but it never goes into full shipping mode. Not unless I know they’re going to end up together, then I turn into a 13-year-old squealing little girl.

Woah, literally no one could’ve seen that coming! Just like, when I was a teen and acted like a total fucking twat and didn’t understand social cues, it turned out I have a personality disorder! WOAH! WHO WOULD’VE EVER THOUGHT THAT?!


I would defintely just shift the focus to teen issues rather than try to include too much things about discrimination. There are other assets of the lgbt community that coincide with being a teenager.

That being said not saying you can’t stray into heavier topics but I’m also going off the questions you asked and that shouldn’t be the only part of being in this community anyone should want to portray.


For the instance of my story, what would be some LGBT topics you think I should include and some that should just be left out? I don’t want to be one of those people who seem like they’re adding in things for the sake of trying to seem like a wanna-be saviour as I just want to add in teen life and LBGT stuggles to match/parallel each other in life issues thrown at the characters I guess you could say


Wooow my family is not that large. Maybe I’m jealous and want a large family and that’s why I did this to Argus.

YOU DONT KNOW THAT. I have an innate need to not step myself up for failure and I can’t…in my heart…become invested in a relationship that might not ever happen so yeah I don’t ship stuff until like the characters are married and the show/book is over so nothing can happen to them.

Fucking wild or how I wasn’t just an asshole failing school but like??? Had learning disabilities? If only I had known sooner!


I don’t read a lot of books about teenagers so I have no idea what’s going on currently but the basis is

Your lgbt characters should not suffer more than your cishet characters. So often in these stories the lgbt character is abused at home, kicked out, homeless, turning to drugs. The cishet character gets an f in math and their parents are mad for a while. You don’t want to accidentally seem like you’re saying that lgbt people are going to or should have a harder life/should suffer for being lgbt.

Your cishet character can be supportive but they shouldn’t be a savior, as I said before. I’m tired of straight people telling me it’s okay to be gay.

Discrimination is a personal experience. It might happen who knows but this is something, if you’re going to include, you should take directly to a sensitivity reader.

I can’t reccomend enough looking into research about afab trans people. And defintely in conversation stop calling your character a woman becoming a man. He’s not. He’s a man. If you’re at any point going to focus on his being trans, I can only tell you as a fellow cis person and just someone who has done research please do not shift a creepy focus on his gentialia. Trans people are more than they’re bodies and they’re tired of us seeing them as science projects.


My gran has 11 siblings :joy: My mum has like… 46 cousins just on my gran’s side. It’s a massive family. Feel free to have some of it. I don’t even know half of it.

Are you me tho? Because… That’s literally me. I’m too emotionally invested in couples that are already cannon, so I can’t let myself go with ships that won’t ever happen.

Fuck that just came out of nowhere! Just like how I showed literally all the symptoms for this particular PD but still got diagnosed with depression and was shoved on anti-depressants! Who would’ve thought they wouldn’t work?!


Too big of a family. What’s going on over there?

No point in boarding a ship full of holes! I’m out here trying to survive.

After years of acting out. Having the occasional panic or anxiety attack, not being able to connect with my peers. Randomly freezing up and not being able to speak or move. It turns out all I needed was to be diagnosed with autism as an adult because that totally helps me go back in time and fix the pitfalls of my youth


Also can I just add, although my experiences aren’t universal I was bullied like…once for being gay but most notably I was bullied in 9th grade by another gay guy for being dumb. Who needs homophobia when your own community won’t stick up for your dumbass?


They had nothing else to do than boink and no access to contraceptions = MASSIVE FAMILY

You’re shooting enough holes in my heart already. :sob: I don’t need potential ships to be shot too.

Oh, you’re practically cured now, June! CAN’T YOU SEE THAT?!?!?!?!?! JUST LIKE I AM! WE’RE BOTH CURED WITH KNOWLEDGE!


Also yep - same for me on this part. I didn’t come out before I was well out of school and no one knew before that.

I was bullied because I was basically socially inept. And because I’m a big lassie in a sea of very small and petite lassies.


I would say my brother was bullied only twice but both times are upsetting to hear about. One time, a guy who was friends with his friend threatened to brick him and another guy told him to get out of the guys toilets (basically called him a girl). My trans friend then faced verbal teasing on the daily mainly because she was the first open transgender person in our school/area even but honestly I feel like my country at least needs to educate people as everyone was just calling her gay and saying she wasn’t transgender


Ah yes, makes sense. Neil has a lot of brothers so I guess there wasn’t much to do on that island either.

cocks gun ship, you say?



This just refers to my area where I plan to write my story as I don’t really know if I want to set it in another country, but for the most part we are open to accepting people spare a few people who are from families that are taught that being homophobic/racist/sexist is acceptable. Bullying most likely won’t even happen in my story as many LGBT+ people don’t get bullied in my area


It’s typical island custom, really. Get a fuckton of kids. And uh… Go fishing, leaving the wife to take care said fuckton.

No no. I didn’t say anything.



I’m short, enjoy feminine things, so it’s not like no one thought I wasn’t gay. I was always alarmingly gay. I just had a weird extension of “luck” where I grew up in a bad neighborhood where we had the idea that even if we didn’t all like each other we were “boys” and thus if you messed with one we’d have to fight.

I did also once get slightly beaten up in a locker room for being gay but I can’t recall anything worse than that happening to me. I had a rather tame experience because while I was not one of the cool kids I was funny and everyone knew me