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I can say that luckily people stood up for my brother but the popular girls did try to get him to be his gay best friend once which he was not having


I mean…what else is there to do? That certainly explains Neil’s…hobbies

Oh no, I’m so sure you mentioned something about a ship. Be a shame…if it sunk.



Do you mean if one messed with some of the boys they messed with all of the boys? Or “Well you messed with me, so now we fight”

I was alarmingly gay too - but it’s much more accepted to be a tomboy than a femme boy. I’m not sure if anyone ever thought “Hold on… All the posters on your wall are women… And you only talk about female celebs. And you’re… Quite… Manly. Gay?”

This is where girls are just more… The backstabbing and trash talking types. So, I was basically ignored until they found it funny enough to trash talk me. And then I went back to being ignored. Even by my teachers. It was fantastic.

I think the only thing I’ve tried in terms of discrimination is not having the same rights as the straights, having to fight off creepy guys and you know… Feeling the non-love from my family. But compared to what a lot of other people have gone through - even my very close friends - my experiences are tame.


Haaaaaaah-ha haaaa. Fishing?

No no. There was no mention. No need to sink anything. No sinking needed her. No sir-y. Nooooope.



This is why I never hung out with straight girls.

I mostly stuck up for myself because I was very good at coming up with comebacks and people rarely said anything to me anyway. My high school experience is at least like nothing I’ve seen on tv so idk how unique it was. All the popular kids were always the ones in the hardest classes. When I was senior the quarterback on our football team was a tall Korean-American kid who also was president of the anime club and asked me to prom but I said no because…anime. I was robbed of my title of class clown by someone who was NOT funny even tho most people voted for be but because I skipped school too much they decided on someone more presentable for the parents


Completely reasonable. I mean, what did he expect?


Like if someone shoved me and they were from the wrong neighborhood they were getting curb stomped. We thought we were “hood”

My experiences have been weird because I’ve spent my entire life surrounded by straight men so you think I would have suffered but I did not. My best friend never made a thing about me being gay except for “you were Princess Jasmine for Halloween once…we all kinda guessed.”

I found my teachers were more annoying than anything. If they weren’t on my case for being stupid a few wanted me to “tone down” my personality or “how does your mom feel about you wearing a dress to school.” Proud bitch, next question.


Yes. Neil really, really enjoys fishing.

Well, puts down gun I’ll be on the look out.


And I guess he was expecting me to say yes but idk why you think walking up to me wearing a Death Note shirt is gonna yield results


Aw, that’s kind of wholesome in a really… Violent way.

And I bet you were the prettiest princess Jasmine that year too. Tbh, when I came out to my close friends who’ve known me most of my life they were just kind of like “Eh, you always said you wanted to marry Amy Lee from Evanescence. This is not a surprise.”

My teachers were just… Really perplexed when I entered my scene/emo phase. Then one pulled me aside and asked if I was a satanist or worshipped wolves. I was about to die. From laughing. It was the most hilarious shit I’ve ever experienced. But no one ever asked if I was gay. I don’t think they even thought it was a possibility since the only openly gay people in my country were men. And they usually left the country pretty fast too.

Also, who the fuck tells a kid to tone down their personality? Fuck the fuck off with that shit.


I fucking knew it. :fish:

Yeah, you better be. I mean, you can’t have people go having ships now, can you?


Not gonna lie, I’ve enjoyed some anime, but god fucking dammit the fandoms gets so overly cringe-worthy. I don’t even wanna associate with most of them because they’re just so… Cringe. And I hate to be all judge-y but… No.


We were violent boys. Now you know where my Mel inspiration comes from.

Yeahhh coming out was kind of lackluster because anyone who looks at me probably goes “goddamn that’s a gay man if I’ve ever seen one.” I had…participated in an activity not long before I came out to my best friend of which the evidence of said activity was clearly visible so he was just like “well now this makes sense.”

Adults are just dumb, I say as an adult


No joke tho the last time Neil was on a boat it capsized and I felt bad but watching him flail around and curse was by the far the funniest thing I’ve ever seen in all my years.

I CANNOT I am the ruiner of ships!

I getcha. Watching anime is fine I just do not want to be with someone who is a dedicated member of a fandom. Most fandoms in general get weird.


(Imma merge all of the messages into one now)

So, Mel is an author-self-insert?

Aaahhh… Now I’m curious about this activity. Because do gay men have a sport? Gay women obviously have handball in my country and lacrosse in the US.

Honestly yah, I say, as another adult.

I can imagine. Listening to Scottish people curse is both the funniest and the most awe-inspiring thing in the world, because they’re just so creative with it.

GOOD! I am so glad I don’t have a ship haha. So glad. Phew, huh?

Fandom culture is just… Suuuuper weird. You’re a fan, cool. But defining almost your entire being on this one thing? It’s fucking weird, dude and you need more hobbies.


(Smart idea)

He’s an awful mix of all the angry teen boys I grew up around. If he was me he’d be way prettier. And shorter.

I think the running gag is that gay men don’t sport. Neil is bi however and enjoys football so will you accept this answer?

It’s…wonderful. Do I know what he’s saying half the time? No but I’m in love with it.

lucky indeed

It’s sooo weird. Like I love a lot of things but I can’t imagine being all about it. Like I still do other things


(One of the few ones I do have)

Hahahaha, that is true. Though, my god, does he look pretty in my head. And on paper… Or digital paper - if I have to say so myself.

Ooohhh, yeah. Or cheerleading? There’s always a gay dude on the team in all the cheerleader films.
Football is a total bi-sport. All the bi girls I know played football.

Exactly. And it just sounds so beautiful :heart: All of the Scottish dialects are a gift.

Hoowee, I sure am one lucky lassie!

Me neither? And then decorating your entire house with all of the fandom stuff? Having a cute little thing from a tv series? Sure that’s cute. Having a life size action figure in your bedroom? Might be a smidgen too far there.


Haha I see what you did there ; ). In book Mel could benefit with some grooming, a bath, someone to teach him proper hygiene because Leo is NOT the best example.

Damn that’s right. Or I recall a cheerleading movie where the guy was bi so I guess the bisexuals have taken that too.

I could listen to Neil talk for hours tbh. And not just because I’m the creep who married him he just has a very pleasing voice

for now

Casual fans are always better than the hardcore ones. A casual fan won’t attack you for saying you didn’t like something


:wink: winkidy wink - but yes. I think it is pretty clear that he needs a shower. And some new clothes. That aren’t drenched in someone’s blood.

Wait really? I can’t remember the last time I saw someone bi in a film. Also, damn bisexuals. They steal everything.

Men’s voices over here in Scotland do tend to be super pleasing. I don’t know if it’s just the dialect or if they genuinely have nice voices… But I just love them all.

:slight_smile: No “for now” - there will be no ships from me :slight_smile:

Oh god yeah. Mention you don’t like Supernatural to a bunch of nerds and you’re always pushed into the street to be flogged.


Post-nap and I’m more tired than before :’) fortunately I’ve already had the milk and butter become room temperature for the baking so it’ll likely go bad if I don’t use it today so I have to bake :woman_shrugging: I’ll just force Elias to help…


His new clothes will just end up bloody again but maybe one day…one day Mung will stop him before he stabs someone.

Curse those bisexauls!

I dig it a lot. And I feel bad for Neil who has to hear me for the rest of his life.

:slight_smile: I don’t trust you :slight_smile:

A public flogging is the only punishment for such a crime.


Oooohh, that’ll be the day to look forward to!


Hahahaha, aaww. No I’m sure he thinks you sound hella cute too.

:slight_smile: I wouldn’t either :slight_smile:

Apparently. I’ll be taking it then because dammit, Supernatural is not that good!

@JuliaLundstrom Nothing says love as forcing someone to bake with you :heart: