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He would still be very disappointed.

Political marriages are complicated. I created this world and even I don’t know what the best pairings would be.


Who are the candidates specifically?


So there’s Lady Martina. She was married to a Barraza (not the Barraza but the oldest of his sons and thus the mother of all his heirs. Which is why Leonides would want her to now be part of their family)

Someone has to marry a Princess from Gegra. From which of the 12 ruling families? It doesn’t really matter.
Codua is already handled.
There’s Oskya but the Ponsonby have few relatives in general to marry off so it would have to be someone they’re close to or a semi-powerful figure in one of the eastern countries.
I’m not sure about sticking within the Empire (or even Sceoque) the point is to make their bonds outside stronger but they…have limited options of reputable houses to get marriage partners from.


Hhhm… Does Aayden not have any brothers or cousins within Oskya, Leonides could marry off?

And Sceoque does have some cousins that could potentially take over the dukedom if Zurina doesn’t have any kids. So maybe one of those? And since Zurina is married to Ezekiel (how do I spell his name again?) they do control that house.


I wonder. Vadik was an only child and his uncle died childless (this is how he became king) and I never decided if they had any other relatives. I guess I could develop the mom’s side.

Sceoque is kinda…confusing. Prince Ezequiel and the duke of his own territory but he’s not gonna inherit the throne. Sceoque trace lineage through the mothers, so if he has children with Zurina the people from Sceoque will count them as Harvers, not Arguellos. There’s a lot of Arguellos too. When the king dies it will go to the oldest child of the female relative. The whole thing to get Zurina to marry Prince Ezequiel was because Yamia (the dukedom) is close to Codua. But since another one of them is actually marrying a duchess from Codua whether or not Zurina’s marriage is successful no longer matters.


So you could invent someone from Oskya for this marriage and not have to scour through all the characters you’ve already invented?

Hhhhmmm… Okay, so they’re kind of rules out then.


Pretty much, I would just have to explain them away. Leonides mentioned somewhere he wants it in writing that when Aayden has children one of them will marry Matias or Graciela. So he has at least has that handled because at the time I hadn’t thought if the Ponsonbys have any other relatives.

I thought about whether or not they would need their alliance and now with Zurina and the fact that Eron is technically one of them I’m not sure if they would need another marriage. Or if they wouldn’t want any of the women marrying one of the princes in the case her heirs end on the ones on the throne.


So… Why not pick one of the unmarried princes for this match? Then that prince gets to be the step-father of a future heir (possibly)


I think I wrote that confusingly. So because Sceoque traces lineage through mothers I’m not sure they’d want to marry a Harver because of the possibility of said babies of a match becoming a monarch and Sceoque has even more Harver influence. Like, they could suggest it and the Arguellos would talk their way out of it


Aaaaahhhhh okay, yeah. Hm.

Then if it was me, I’d invent some Oskyan for this - just to avoid continuity issues with the other books.


I can do that! Just having…more than one of them marry Oskay seems like overkill and not the move Leonides would pull. :thinking: there’s just so few powers left to pick marriage partners from


You could address that in the book too. And then basically use all of your thoughts here for a conversation Leonides could have with someone, and them finally landing on that Oskyan you’re inventing.


Right?? It’s awful. I had a plan, dammit!

I think I know how to work around it, but still.

@AWFrasier not at the present, and I’m debating if I want to. Given the nature of the novella (erotica) I think it would go against guidelines? But I might post a sampler and see if people are interested. I will definitely need betas lol




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