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it’s a book called ‘The Chaos of Now’ by Erin Lange, it’s decent so far

i’ve never actually listened to a podcast before…


Stressed out, my Mom is dealing with medical issues…:’(


What is it about? The title sounds interesting.

Well you must. There’s plenty of podcasts to choose from, and though there are serious topics, the moderators (or whatever they call themselves) add personal experiences and some jokes but it’s awesome.
I’m listening to one about queer history on Spotify.


I’m so sorry for your mother. And for you as well. I do believe that she will get better soon, do rest on that faith.


I have faith, but it’s scary because it’s a test for cancer…


No matter the result the of the test and what comes next you have to be strong for her and hopefully everything will work for the best for your mother.
If you think positively, the pain can be lessened that I assure you.


Yeah, I pray to the Goddess for her future to be bright.


It will.


it’s about these kids who are like super computer nerds and they kinda make an illegal website after someone they knew committed suicide and it’s pretty cool so far

i’ll look into them at some point


Pretty interesting indeed. I would like to read it.
Hope you enjoy it.


Has anyone watched the Golden Globes?


I need someone to yell at me to write.




but I’m lazy


How will you ever get to the Derek content of this book if you’re not writing?


The fact that Derek will be appearing in this book just makes me dread how long it’ll actually be…


crawls out of the darkness

Where am I?


But…but…Derek ;-;


My love cave


oh hi! it’s been a while!