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All in good time.


A long while! :smiley: I have a lot to catch up on


You trapped me


I miss him

More importantly

Larry misses him.

But are you still pretty frozen on that chapter?


Yes, because I couldn’t bear the thought of someone else having you.


Sounds like a best seller


how’ve you been?


Derek misses Larry.

Well, kinda… I wrote a little this morning and I’ve gotten past the tricky part, now I just need motivation I think :roll_eyes: and like, a way to not have it be choppy…


It was an innocent kidnapping. No torture.


Then why keep them apart

Ahh, motivation. I’ve been feeling a lack of it since I started this chapter. (And I understand not wanting things to be choppy) what part are you at now?


Derek doesn’t have to be apart from Larry, just the other characters.

But you’ve gotten a couple chapters done now right?

They’ve failed at picking the lock but managed to get the broken pick out (so there wouldn’t have to be a second convenient door). Now they’re trying to fool Mr. Hauke into leaving the keys unattended. It’s just the execution of where everyone is and how they’re going about it that feels choppy.


Well…maybe Derek is staying with Larry for a change then.

I do, yeah. But I feel bad because I’m not in a reading mood either so I’m kinda…floating as a human.

Ah, is it the whole “running around the house” kind of scenario?


That’s interesting, I only said you trapped me and somehow you went to torture.

June…that’s a jump.


How will the palace survive?

Can’t say I’m doing any better… I’m just staring at the document, replying here and feeling tired.

Pretty much. And inner monologuing about tactics while this is happening.


No I said I didn’t torture you.


I know I sent pm but just to short answer, June’s cave has great eggs.


They can stay in Larry’s second home.

Yeahh…that seems to be going around.

You can kind of…map it out first or do some sort of step by step so it’s all figured out by the time you get to the execution.


ah I just noticed

what-- what kind of eggs?


With Lord Borvo?

I’ve already sorta figured it out I think but I’m not sure if it’ll read smoothly. I just really need to write it and see, but it’s not happening…


Yes. It’s not as lively as the palace sure but they can find ways to have fun.

Hmm, yeah. You can try tricking yourself into writing. See if the reward system will yield any results?