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It’s probably for the best, for Larry’s reputation.

maybe… or I might just go to bed >.< I’m pretty much staring into nothing now so sleep seems like a good option. If I’m lucky I could write some stuff down on the phone before sleeping.


It definitely is. And Derek is free to be truly himself there because no one who matters will be watching.

Ah, sleep sounds like the best idea then. Especially if you’re tired. Motivation usually doesn’t come from forcing it.




I tend to forget though, Derek is good at pretending. I’m sure he could charm the palace as well… For a while.

Sleeping gave me a headache :broken_heart:


It’a probably better to keep him out of the capital

Ah. I went to sleep and now I’m hungry


Hey everyone, what’s up? Do anybody have an ideas. How to get rid of a stubborn sore throat?


Drink tea


Derek: But this was supposed to be the fun empire!

I finally finished baking and I’ve wanted to throw up the entire duration :tired_face:


Nothing new. Cough drops and tea :woman_shrugging:


THEY CAN STILL HAVE FUN. Larry will give him the details of all his upcoming murder plots

that does not sound good


But will they execute any murder plots?

tmi but it finally happened. At least I feel better now

And hey now I have a bunch of buns at my disposal!


If Derek promises not to make too much of a mess

well, glad you’re feeling better

Yay for the buns! I keep meaning to make cookies because my mom wants me to mail her some but…lazy


He’s up for the challenge!

I hate baking for others because if I finally get the energy to bake something I want it for myself…


Larry: I need to keep things clean when I commit murder because I don’t like getting my hands dirty—DEREK NO WHAT ARE YOU DOING?

At least that’s how I imagine it going.

Whenever I bake I eat a good chunk of it before I share but it’s mostly the mailing aspect that’s getting me. Because it’s food I’d actually have to put effort into properly boxing it up and idk why my mom trusts me this much.



Yeah mailing stuff is a bother :persevere:


And this is why we keep him out of the capital

Yeahhh, I’ve just keep telling him I’m out of flour but I’m lying because I’m never out of flour so I’m really just a bad son


He’s still up for the challenge!

Who’s ever out of flour?


We all love Derek but I think his methods and Larry’s directly conflict.



Give him a chance



just this once

In other news I am excited to update today even tho I haven’t been all that lucky in the comment department. Maybe I’ll get one.