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He won’t let him down

I’m happy for you! I haven’t been lucky in the comment department (for my latest updates) for a long time (which might explain my lack of motivation) so I feel you, and I’ll keep my fingers crossed for your comment section.


Larry has his full trust in him so I would hope not

Yeahhh I get that. I’ve gotten one or two all the back on OVS so my motivation has been fleeting with my recent chapters as well. I love a good vote but it’s always nice to…hear from someone now and then.


How could Derek fail

I had someone recently who commented like, five times on each chapter up to chapter 4 but then they just voted afterwards… And one who pointed out typos and that’s great but not the kind of comments that motivate me.


he could make a mess. Larry would be troubled

Ah, it always kinda bums me out when they just drop the commenting. Like I get that it’s probably a good thing and means they’re into reading but :sob: I thrive on reader reaction


there are unmessy ways to murder people and still be creative

Maybe people stay through my book for the family angst in the first chapters and then it never happens again (due to half the family mysteriously disappearing…). I fool people with the dark beginning.


its Larry he needs to prove this to not me

I know I’ve lost people first in OVS when Leo peaces out becaus they came for the couple and I might have ruined it. If they brave through that I have also lost people for the Gaius incident


he’ll show him, he’ll show them all

Oh wow I never thought of that :o but I guess your books have more romance in them to begin with. I don’t think anyone’s jumped ship in mine because of the romance-death.


Larry looks forward to it! He has a reward for him if he succeeds

They came for pirate kisses and leave if things get too drama heavy. And like, it’s not like I never promised both.

I haven’t had many readers come to point out typos in a while either. At this point I’d take anything


is it a bunny

Who doesn’t want their pirate kisses sprinkled with drama??

It’s something I guess. And it makes editing a little easier

Aaron’s napping and it’s the first time I get to relax today but somehow my brain’s in overdrive while my body’s collapsing. Anyway my brain seems to be in the mood for soft Damien because it wants a scene where Damien takes a blow for Ethan (one that would’ve been fatal for the latter) and of course being tsundere about it. This could actually happen later in the trilogy if I just remember to add it. And also, a scene where he finally has a meltdown about the fuck uppery that is his life.


Does Derek want another bunny?

Cowards, I guess.

I too have a need for soft/tsundere Damien. It’s always nice to see him show his non-angry grump side and to see him act as a grump for other reasons.


the one he has isn’t gonna live forever, and if they’re compatible: bunny babies!

You don’t need coward readers! (as if we can be picky)

It’s hard to make a sacrifice like that mean much since he can’t actually die, but it still means he doesn’t want Ethan to, and I have considered adding Damien’s reluctance to pain throughout the books because while Derek and Catherine like to experiment with their immortality I think Damien still just doesn’t like to get physically hurt. I’m also not sure who will get to witness his meltdown.


the thought of Derek being happy about bunny babies makes me very happy

I know, right?

I would be reluctant to feel pain too if I was in a house when it exploded because my son couldn’t control himself around a clueless twink.


then I hereby decree that Larry and Derek will raise a batch of bunny babies in Larry’s second home when they’re not plotting messless murder

(I hope the cowards didn’t hear me because I’m desperate for anyone’s attention)

That… Is probably exactly the words going through Damien’s head on multiple occasions.


how cute! What a wholesome activity for them to partake in

(Yes same. I gladly welcome the cowardly readers. My updates are so lonely) I have one reader who would have caught up but I see they’re waiting now for OEA to be finished before they start it

I mean…he probably doesn’t have very fond memories of that moment


I wonder how they’d choose names tho

Ohh… It seems my sister’s waiting for DaN to be complete before reading as well. It just doesn’t help the motivation along the way…

He has few fond memories of Lucius


Larry: we’re not naming all these bunnies Gunpowder
Derek: well, we’re not giving them weird cutesy noble names either.

I get why people do it either to read something in one go or not having to wait for updates but it hurts

What about any time Lucius got hurt? Emotionally or physically


Baron Gun Barrel

Yeah I get it but… But think of the authors

He’s not that sadistic but I guess he enjoys their banter.



And then I see some who get to respond to so many comments per day and my heart…it breaks.

He should try to start banter more


There’s more than one bunny though

Life is just unfair to us.

I’m pretty sure he’s always the one starting it so at least he tries!


Then they have a lot of work to do!

sigh maybe one day…

Lucius needs to put in more effort then