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Welcome to the fifty third thread! Feel free to share your ideas, get writing advice of all kinds, goof around and be friends! Don’t be shy, jump into the fray and introduce yourself!

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Woooh new thread again!


I think my “this thread is closed” message was in a Nordic language this time.

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that’s 30k gay posts down, going for 40!


huh… maybe it reacted to me posting last and thereby closing it, and since it’s in Swedish for me that’s what I got and maybe everyone else did?

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We ended the last thread on such a good note too.


This looks fun.

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Frey stripping?

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It is very much fun~


Yes. Of course.

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Maybe! Wouldn’t be the first time discourse’s language settings acted strange.

@Poindexter Anyway, what I was saying was how fucked up would it be to be born in July of 1992?

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Frey stripping is a very good note to end on. I’ve just fallen for his character more and more lately, and it’s kinda showing in the books, given that he’s taking every opportunity to be around even when he doesn’t really have to be.

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I guess it’s an opportunity to learn very specific sentences in other languages :woman_shrugging:

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Gosh that sounds awful

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As you should. The world needs more mean, pretty blond boys.

Specifically if drawn mid-strip.


they really do like to steal attention don’t they?

all my characters end up at least mid-strip at some point if they’re around long enough to have several art pieces made

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Such a tragic existence.

@JuliaLundstrom Ah gee Wattpad is really looking out for us, huh?

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It’s because they’re loud.

That’s…fantastic. I very much support this.

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Some of my characters just end up downright naked.