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SEE? It’s so fucking heart breaking and I never want to see it again. I just wanna hug her now just thinking about it.

… All fluff? But… How can you appreciate it without angs?
I wish that was me. Maybe it’d be easier to get a girlfriend then (’:
This. Aaaaall of this. I don’t know if it’s just because it’s so relatable to me? So morons in love is where I’m at. I’m right up in there.

SEE?! BATH SCENES! MORE OF THEM! (No shit, but Frej and Tec are my favourite fluff bunnies because they’re so fucking cheesy about it. It’s hilarious.)

BUT HE IS IN BOOK FOUR, NO?! THEY CAN HAVE A BATH SCENE IN THAT BOOK. (just gotta shove the kids away somewhere)

Ooh, I was imagining the eggs just burning now :joy:


You’ll fit right in here :smile:


Sweet! I love making new friends with similar interests


Pretty much all the regulars here write queer as hell fantasy, so it won’t be hard to find similar tastes :joy:


Haha same :3 kinda! I write fantasy, and I can’t think of a character who isn’t lgbt+


My mc’s are pan and bi. I also have lesbian and gay characters. I’m going to include nonbinary characters too! I love representations through my own stories


As a certified mama’s boy doing anything to make my mom cry is grounds to throw myself out a window.

…I don’t know…I guess…some people just prefer the angstless life.
Don’t get the wrong idea I hunted Neil. It was not easy.
I’m also a dumbass so maybe that is why. I just love to see other morons navigate the romantic world.

:sob: It’s too much fluff. My heart hurts now.

BUT THERE’S A LOT OF KIDS. Their fun times are already running low.

Nah lol I’m not that trashy. I just got…too lazy to eat.


Sweet! ^^


Is there a word for being both of your parents girl? Because I’m that. Like, if my parents cry I’m just gonna hurl myself over the balcony.

… They’re weird and I feel uneasy.
Hahahaha, so was he just not getting the hints or was he unsure?
Same. Dumb gays are the best gays.

I HAVE MORE WHERE THAT CAME FROM TOO. A WHOLE BOOK, JUNE. Only one bath scene which is honestly a crime I should go to jail for.

MAKE LUZ WATCH THEM. I bet Estrella is fucking beautiful like her dad so like… Luz would love her to death.

June. You gotta eat.


Other people’s opinion doesn’t matter at the end of the day.
You must be the bigger person and give a big f to them and keep living.
Live as you wish. Life’s too short for you to restrict yourself around other people’s views.


You’re welcome.
My name’s Ricardo :slight_smile:


Uhhh…no I guess not. There should be.

You should. They’re strange people.
Oh no he definitely knew he just let me make a fool out of myself.
Dumb gays make for the best stories.

AND YOU YELL AT ME FOR BATH SCENES. It might actually illegal to write a scene like that and not have more of them.

Luz hasn’t met Estrella yet! :sob: I’m sure when he does he’ll start crying. Although between you and me I’m not sure which parent she takes after the most yet

I will. Perhaps.


Right? Why can you only be one parent’s girl/boy?

Very strange. : (
Hahahahah, I bet he enjoyed it.
Dumb gays is literally the butter on my bread.

Oh there’s tons of scenes like it - just not happening in a bath. But holy shit they make a lot of lovey-dovey love that makes even the biggest romance fan gag. One critic told me it was too gay.

What the fuck. How in the hell has my boi not met her yet. And obviously he’s gonna cry. Now there’s two of them! (I think Luz is super pan now…) I’m hoping it’s Argus because in my head that looks adorable

Dude no. Not perhaps. Get some food.


It’s a SHAME.

I for one can’t survive without angst. I horde it like the beast I am.
: ( I was romantically BULLIED.
I only care about dumb gays.

THERE’S NO SUCH THING AS TOO MUCH GAY. I demand you have more bath scenes tho. Edit them in.

It’s been busy! By default Luz will be surrogate daddy so like, no stopping the tears. I’ve also never pinpointed Luz’s sexuality beyond “must have a crush on Argus because c’mon”. As much as I want her to be a small Argus I gotta put some Ro in there




I’m an angst bomb. No angst, no Fray.
What the FUCK NEIL. He owes you so many kisses and cute words now.
Literally all other gays can just leave. Moron gays is where it’s at.

Honest to god, thinking about just writing a bunch of extra fluff scenes and shove them in there for… Reasons???

Omg. He’s gonna be such a good surrogate daddy. It’s making me wanna cry how good he is. I she gonna be as stubborn as Ro too? Because that’d be hilarious



Elias took the car :broken_heart: now I have no means to get lunch, or cola zero, or donuts.


What the fuck. This earns you the right to order food.


No one delivers to this place :’( I’m too far away.


… Fuck. He better bring some home then.


haya everyone