LGBT+ Writer's Group!


He will… In four hours.




Not good. Not good at all.


how are you?


I’m gonna bury deep into the fridge and see if I can eat something >.<


Hungry and coke starved :[ how are you?


Tired and trying to finish my assignment :frowning:


I really hope you find something. I’d share my chocolate with you but… I feel like it might be a little too long for your pink wings to fly to Scotland.


ah, good luck with that!


I’m also a too round owl now :< but I’m grateful for the offer.


Oh yeah, there’s the baby owls to think of too. Dammit. Virtual cookie? :cookie:




It’s something!

I found some frozen lasagna.


FUCK YEAH! That is not bad at all! :muscle:


It’s store bought but it’s ok, at least I won’t have to be hungry.

While it’s heating up I’m gonna try to tie together two paragraphs in my current chapter so I can finally move forward.


You can always throw some spices on it to… Spice it up :joy:

Sounds good! Is the writing going easier now?


It’s more just the meat quality and texture I don’t like about store bought :’) but yeah some spices can’t hurt

Not really :confused: and I’m not getting these paragraphs to fit together so I might have to rewrite at least parts of them.


Ah it gets kind of like… Flour? Like dry? - Ketchup makes everything better.

Writing is rewriting. So get it done! :muscle: You can do it!


just… corny somehow, and oddly enough I’ve never tried ketchup to lasagna :thinking:

maybe after I’ve eaten ^^’


I can recommend it! It’s nice.

Eat first and then slam those paragraphs!