LGBT+ Writer's Group!


I use ketchup for a bunch of other pastas so I don’t know why I haven’t tried yet

I could but… I could also just. watch netflix


Did you try it?

… Would that be wise, tho?

You can always do both.


No : p

I’m not a wise owl. We’ll see if I can write later.




Dammit, owl mum! :owl:

Just take care of the babies and yourself and we’re good.


You called?


Lol XD


I don’t know if I even qualify for this discussion

I have only written one gay chapter in my entire life

I have not discovered the full potential of my gayness yet


I just listened to a bunch of six year olds who seem to know more about economy than I do


I LOVE MY MAMA SO MUCH I APPARENTLY PASSED TF OUT. Which was great. No more zombie june.

Can you imagine a story with 0 angst? What would it even be about?
Neil owes me so much at this point.
Do smart gays even exist? Are there gays in this world who aren’t like this?

Because they need to be there, Fray! The people need the fluff! They’re begging for it!

I guess naturally I feel like Luz loves children or I feel like he’s already very patient (I mean…he works for Argus) so dealing with a child won’t be hard for him. And I really don’t know. I think I’m gonna write down a list of all their traits (physical and not) and see which ones she should get <\s>


What did they have to say?


they were just discussing how to divide their income after taxes to make sure they had a good retirement plan.


…and they’re 6? I don’t even think about that


Hence my confusion. Their parents didn’t say anything while they were talking but I have to guess they’ve been prioritizing certain parts of education o.o


I need to talk to these 6 year olds about my financial decisions, clearly.


Their wisdom is invaluable, and there I was just chowing down on pancakes like a fool.


I guess the lesson here is you and I both need to be more like 6 year olds


It’s the optimal age really


think of all the naps we could take


Naps? I like naps. Naps are good.