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I don’t think I took naps when l was 6 tho :grimacing:


I’M VERY JEALOUS! I didn’t fall asleep until in the evening. And now I’m up at 1 am again.

… Food? Like a cookbook?
Honestly, yes he does.
If there is, then I refuse to mingle with them. I bet they’re super pretentious.

I HAVE A WHOLE BOOK OF IT! Well, almost. There’s also angst. Obviously.

Luz is really a saint in disguise. I refuse to believe otherwise. I think that sounds like a really good idea, actually. Then you can get a better overview.


I’ve listened to instrumental Disney songs all night and day and just. where is my TMOE musical??


Write it.

Also I read that scene with Lucian on his birthday and holy shit, I did not see that coming.


I would honestly love to at least decide what kind of songs everyone would sing, and make it a thing that Lucius never sings at all despite being the MC

That’s the scene where someone gagged and had to stop :no_mouth:


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Well… I can understand he won’t sing. I mean… I get it. Poor Lucius. (I also just realised I wrote Lucian in my other comment :woman_facepalming:)

You know, I can understand that. I don’t think it’s too much though. It’s horrific but that did actually happen to a lot of boys during that time. So… I think it’s very effective.


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His relationship to song is… Complicated, but I think it would be interesting with a musical where the MC refuses to sing, even if they’re fully aware the people around them do. (you’re not the first one :3)

I tried to stay away from graphic details at least ^^’


groans in agony as I awaken Neil and I are supposed to do something today and he said he’d get out of work early but no text back yet sooo guess I’m here to do the writing thing.

Update no one asked for: writing down a lot of notes to making major changes to ORG and I’m sweating it’s gonna be way more effort than I planned or wanted.


I’ve been contemplating on become part of this or not. So, here I am. First off, I’m bi. I’m also asexual and grey aro as well. I’ve often tried writing characters who are LGBT+, but it’s not easy because it’s something I’ve never experienced much of. I only just recently discovered my own sexualities a while back ago, so this is still really new to me. I’m probably only going to pop in here to read comments for resource purposes. ;w;


I’d honestly love it. Imagine everyone are singing and he’s just talking normally to them. And everyone is raving on about how amazing a singer he is. (But like, I know his name is Lucius. My fingers disagreed)

It could’ve been even more graphic but that’s just me. It was clear what was happening though and I think I was like “OH NO THAT… NO NO!” throughout the chapter. :joy:


What are you going to change now? I thought you had already started the editing of ORG?


Welcome :smile:


But think of how good it’ll be!


And it all seems to build up to him finally singing the final, epic song, and he takes a deep breath before suddenly killing the music (somehow) and going “no! screw you guys I said I was not gonna sing!”
(my fingers are very used to writing it so I can’t relate :3)

Possibly! We’ll see what happens in the rewrite. Just felt kinda weird going into detail about gory, intimate areas when it concerned an eleven year old too ^^’


Sooo throwback to that scene when Leo promises Mel they’ll get their own ship. It doesn’t happen. I’m deciding Redbeat or whatever puts the idea of getting their own ship in Mel’s head because ultimately that’s what he wants. What Leo wants above anything else is a break. So anyway that thought process brought me to Argus and how he can make himself a better love interest but acknowledging what would be best for Leo would be to find a way to set him free because he’s likely to die if he remains in Knight custody and Argus doesn’t really do anything about that in current ORG. So he can try to help him escape via providing him with a ship it’s just the whole…how do I now make them fail without killing Leo


I’m in AGONY


At least you’re coming up with stuff to improve! I still haven’t figured out how I’d rewrite stuff. Or at least what I’d add.


: (

I didn’t really know either until I dived into it and started unraveling stuff I didn’t like…so maybe that’s just how it works.