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I want this. I can’t even explain how much I want this, Julia. Like, my entire body aches from how much I want this! (My fingers have a life of their own. Sometimes I mean to write one word but then another comes out. Dumb fingers)

I can understand that. It’s some cringe worthy shit right there. I think that’s what makes it so much worse. It’s in such an intimate area and like… Oooph. No no. Nooope. no.


Ooohhh… Hm… Shit, that’s a good question. :grimacing:


Probably. I just… Need the first bit I guess. How to start with the changes and then see where it goes. Just rewriting the same events will probably go pretty well, but there’s so much to add :neutral_face:



Like I think it would be a good thing and would add to their relationship but it needs to not succeed and not result in anything that would make the knights go “alright, time to kill the pirate.”


HHhhhHhHHHmmMMmMM Does Leo have any leverage as to why they shouldn’t kill him at that point? Like him still helping Aayden and shit? Because then he has the best armour - plot armour.


Of course there will be an escalating weirded-out factor for Lucius when everyone sings as well.

Lucius, when the first people he encounter start singing: Oh, ok… I guess they do that.

Lucius, when the second bunch of people he meets start singing: This… Is this a thing here? In this town???

Lucius, when his love interest start singing: side glances I… I might be having second thoughts.

Lucius, when the antagonist(s) start singing: … :expressionless: leaves

(if I’m used to writing some words it gets worse. Like writing July (juli) and not adding an a at the end. It’s almost impossible)

The details are for people’s imagination to figure out :’)


I didn’t really even plan to change that much. I think naturally as one starts looking at their own work more critically the changes appear and there’s nothing to stop them.



Lucius: So… That singing doesn’t stop or…?

Literally everybody else: * keeps singing *

(Same. Especially with July/Juli. :joy: THat one is such a bitch.)

My imagination was too good tbh. I wish I was more unimaginative. :grimacing:


Hmmmmmmmmmmm. I mean so. Dunham no longer tells him where he’s going. The way he gets on Redbeat’s ship is by bluffing. I guess he could do the same here if it came to it but :thinking: maybe I’m missing something there’s gotta be a more solid solution.

I have it now so that the knights DO either capture or get close to Aayden’s missing ship and for reasons it escapes so it could be something off that but then Leo really doesn’t know where it’s going.


oh yeah definitely, there are just… several arcs to add to the first book at least o.o so it’s more about new plot rather than changing the old one too much… The second book could probably do with some more material as well. The third book will end up shorter than the others though, so maybe I’ll elaborate on some already existing stuff there.


Who needs hell when you’re the only one not singing on earth?

(Elias and I are also born the same year and month so whenever I’m supposed to type his birth date I accidentally type my date instead, since it starts with the same 4 numbers)

I’m guessing that was the case for the gagging reader as well :grimacing:


He’s a pirate though. He could lie. He was part of Dunham’s crew - he could tell the knights he knew the travel plans. Or is that too easy?


Poor Lucius. He’ll hate it. But at least he gets to see Seth prance around and sing, so that’s gotta mean something right?

(Ohhh see I’d do that constantly too. Like numbers are the bane of my existence)

Readers need to toughen up. I had one who said they felt sick after the MC in Feral digs an eye out with a spoon. Come on. It’s not that bad.


Ah, well you could also do a read through and take notes first. That’s what I intended to do but then the urge to delete and completely redo chapters took over.


I just wonder if he should tell the same lie twice.



Oh, yeah that’s not too bad. It’d be messy, but… It could be worse.


I feel like at this point I know the first book pretty well by heart :flushed: it’s been around for what, 9 years and it’s pretty short… I just gotta come up with new stuff for the characters to do. It really shouldn’t be hard, but if I’m not sitting down to actually think about that in particular it might take a while.

I’ll completely rewrite mine as well. It’s just… Easier? In a way.


I kinda see what you mean I def think it’s somewhat easier to just take everything apart and do it all over.


It would be consistent… But also… Too easy? I don’t know. Hmmm…

@JuliaLundstrom Aaaaand, this would be a good opportunity for a certain someone to STRIP!

Right? Could be way worse. Like… I don’t know, what Lucius just went through.


A splendid opportunity! He’s not around just yet tho but supposing all books get musical-fied then he’ll get his time in the spotlight!

OR, what Lucius went through… But with a spoon!