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Yeah I mean I’ve tried patching the first two books up now and then but… It’s still hard to just go in and do small edits. The old writing still shines through.


YAS! STRIP, FREY! FREJ WILL STRIP WITH YOU! … Because guest characters is apparently a thing now too.

Oh shit. You know I love my spoons. I’m all for it :spoon:


Any more room in this thread for another lgbt writer? Here I am anyway :smiley:


Of course :smile: Welcome!


I get that. It’s nice for things to be fresh instead of just fixing up the old stuff


It’s gonna give me a headache.


I gotta admit I’m glad I’m not you right now. This is why I never write super complicated stories. Because I can’t figure it out and then I end up losing interest in the story.


Lucius, at the bar: Finally, a peaceful moment of relaxation.

Frey: gets up on table


that must be another level of painful tho, yikes!


hey and welcome!


One day, it’ll all be fresh. New freshly rewritten chapters, new covers, and maybe even chapter pictures… One day…


:, ) haha.

I guess Damaris can also find out before they really put the plan in action and if Argus throws a fit she might not report it but then she would know her cousin is feeling things for a criminal early on.


ooh chapter pictures sound nice!


YES! And as if Lucius won’t love a strip tease. EVERYONE LOVES STRIP TEASE!

:grimacing: I’d rather not think about how it’d be done tbh.


Is that a problem that she knows? Maybe she acts out of selfish ways too - this could be her way out of an engagement she doesn’t want to be a part of.


The thing is it wouldn’t end their engagement. It would just be embarrassing. The thing that ends their engagement is that the Justice can no longer rule on it (when he like dies, and the new one is against cousin + cousin incest).


I’ve started on the idea like, ten times. First I wanted several pictures in each chapter but narrowed it down because time, but I always give up at the first picture :’) and some chapters are just hard to come up with pictures for because they can’t contain too much spoilers either.


Well fuck.

Maybe she’s not a bad person and sees her cousin actually having legit feelings for someone is something she just can’t get between?


I’ve… Never thought about how Lucius feels regarding Frey… Their age gap (ten years I think) kinda puts them in a more brotherly rivalry kind of relationship, but… Frey will be all grown up in the stripping scene so it depends if Lucius can look past having watched him grow from teenager to adult.

It’d be so slow :cold_sweat:


worry about the aesthetic not the spoils!


Damaris isn’t a bad person but the whole career + reputation thing would take over for her and she’d be upset with Argus doing something that would trouble her. This would also be relatively early on so Argus wouldn’t be in love with Leo yet