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Would Frey do the stripping just to tease Lucius? Because that works for me too.

… Like how would it even work? Just rapidly stab with a spoon? Poke around?


Okay… Hm… Maybe she realises that Leo knows a tonne of shit and wants to utilise his knowlegde? I mean they usually just ice pirates after torturing them. This is a pirate that’s willing to help and they don’t have to get their hands dirty. That must give her tons of good rep.


The spoilies are important too!


screams for a year

I don’t know I guess I have to really sit on this one for a while.


That is very possible :roll_eyes: there’s another person it would bother as well and Frey lives for that.

Slit the skin with the shaft (might take some work) and then scoop out the rest I guess :woman_shrugging:


screams with you

Dammit. Why can’t writing just be easy? Why do things not just solve themselves?!


I can’t wait to get to where Frey is. I mean, a stripping Frey/Frej is kind of everything I live for.

Might take a lot of work unless it’s a sharp spoon. Imagine if the spoon was made of plastic.


It’s just so irritating! I try to make Argus a better person and the world spits on me


This is why we can’t have nice people in the land of ORG.


Aw he’s a delight for sure! He’s just a smol boy at first tho :3

If the edge of the shaft is relatively sharp it should be possible :thinking: plastic spoons seem pretty unlikely at that time tho, fortunately!


Smol bois are also good. Wait no, that sounds super wrong!

I mean, we could always settle with a spork. That’d make things easier and a fine compromise


They’re good characters!

Sporks are… Acceptable!


He just needs to not exercise a bad amount of power over Leo!


Yes! I like Lucius a lot already. And Seth. I know I’ve been warned about Seth, but like… I have a weakness for characters named Seth.

HURRAY! - wait…


Which he won’t in the new draft!


I just meant small boys make for good characters ^^ I’m glad you like them tho!

The sharper the less pain! We’re just being nice when we use sporks!


It’s good so far! I’m very entertained. :smile:

I mean, yes. We’re actually being really kind and nice and I think it’s rude how people are crying. Like, calm down. It’s a spork.



The first musical number: Calm down, it’s a spork. - Performed by Lucius’ parents and the doctor.


This is gonna be such a hit, mate. I can feel it.

The next musical number: School is dumb, performed by a bunch of snobs.


There’re gonna be so many villain songs, I love it!