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Villain songs are the best too. It’s gonna be a good musical.


I can count 4, maybe 5 potential “villain” songs (bad guys singing about bad things) in the first book alone. It’s possible some could be narrowed down to a reprise of earlier songs, either earlier villain songs or a seemingly good song but sung ironically to change the tone of it entirely.


I. AM. ALL. FOR. IT. :clap:


Maybe the only songs are performed by villains. The good guys don’t get songs.

Which will make backstabbing scenes or plot twists super epic musical numbers, when the first line is sung everyone’s just “OH SHIT THEY’RE A BAD GUY”


So I was trying to do some world building earlier in the story by adding more werewolf friendly stuff to society, which meant tailors making suitable clothes for their needs. So they would have clothes that wouldn’t break during transformation, which would mean… some kind of lace up fashion (so the laces would be easy to tie up/remove) probably.

So I guess all my werewolves dress like this now.


And it’d be hilarious if it happened several times too!

So… All of your werewolves are slutty goths from the 90’s - or bartenders at Coyote Ugly.


Lucius: Hello my good friend

Friend: :notes: I— :notes:


Yes, yes they are :’)


So I apparently never replied to this??? (I was sure I did…)

Poor Lucius. There’ll be nothing but singing all the time. ALL THE TIME.

I’m all for werewolf sluts.


That’s what happens when everyone’s a bad guy!

Every townsperson who’ve been slut shamed for years is actually just a werewolf trying to be comfortable :’)


Oooohh dear. I’m in for a wild ride with this book, aren’t I?

Omg… It started out as wolf-shaming and then it merged into slut shaming! THAT’S WHERE THAT COMES FROM!


It’s… Probably fine. Would be pretty yikes with that concept tho when all townspeople break out into a song :joy: but I mean… It depends. Bad guy-ness feels pretty subjective. Perhaps antagonist would be a better specification.

When will society learn? :’)


I mean, I love antags. But I also don’t want my small soft bois to get hurt. And I feel like Lucius is a small soft boi. So I’m nervous for him - but anticipating the antags with glee!

Never. #JusticeForWolves


Lucius is already hurt (: can’t get worse

Justice must be served!


… It can’t though?

YES! :fist:



I wonder if the pants would be able to expand along with their original form tho :thinking: I was thinking it’d just be easy to untie the laces and let them fall off when transforming back (so they wouldn’t at least tear) but perhaps it’s possible they could stay on. And that would look even more hilarious. Like weregarurumon but… Slutty.


Hi. I know I’ve been gone for two days. How’s everyone?

I’ve come to an actual hurdle in my rewrite. Have I mentioned Ambassador Ulmer? He takes the place of Mura in ORG. He’s the Oskyan Ambassador. Without spoilers, after what happens in ORG he basically becomes one of Leonides’ puppets. Now I’m OEA argus is going to Oskya for reasons so it would make sense for Ulmer to go with. Now, do I include him to make it easier for myself even if none of my readers know him or do I wait to rewrite OEA?


You’ve missed out on slutty werewolves in lace up pants, how could you?

Mention him as if Argus is well acquainted but also make it so it’s a possible first introduction?

I’m planning on an edit that’d require me to do the same but it’s probably a bit simpler. Noah will have a book series he’s really into and it should probably be mentioned earlier than where they’re currently at, so I’ll make an edit where he’s just started reading them early on but for caught up readers he’ll have bought the fourth book or something after a time skip and Luna will talk about it as if he’s been into it for a long time (as an introduction) so it shouldn’t be too confusing even then.


I know. I’m awful.

I guess just some of the details make it inevitably awkward. Like, I would much rather edit out an awkward explanation than have to recreate entire scenes to put him in but I imagine writing “Ambassador Ulmer, who is also no longer an ambassador and might have made aggressive sexual advances towards Argus that we’re bringing up for the first time.” is gonna be weird too.

I feel like I’d tag onto that pretty quickly but maybe books (and objects in general) might be easier to go “oh it just didn’t come up until now” than with people.


Richard is so disappointed!

ah yeah… that small detail… Hmm, I guess you don’t want to infodump too much, like Argus thinking back on it in a weirdly detailed way. Can Argus like… Smoothly imply what happened in the past in a sort of passive aggressive way so readers know they have a bad past but not too much is mentioned about it?

yeah I feel like it’s an easier thing to edit in, since the contents of the books will never be too detailed and even if Noah starts rambling about them readers will be like “yeah we’re not expecting context anyway” because it’s a book inside a book and describing all of it would be a horrible thing.


Richard should forgive me.

I feel no matter how I write it it’s gonna be weird so it’s not the worst but I guess since I’d rather do it than leave him out I’ll find a way. My excuse is Argus never thought about Mura that much either but he never ended up having to travel with him.

We’re also as readers just most likely to accept character interests and their hobbies to just come up rarely if they’re not always plot important. Like I don’t think anyone got on my case for saying Argus likes riding horses only when he’s actually riding a horse and not 20 chapters before so Noah being really into a book could come up when he’s talking about it and we’d all go along with it