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He wanted you to compliment his gorgeous clothes.

Well, that’s kinda how it is with rewrites while the story is still ongoing… Some are gonna be confused, probably :confused: I don’t think it’ll be that bad though, just some who’ll wonder why they can’t remember this guy.

On a related note I suck at coming up with hobbies though? That might be why I have to edit it in later. Whenever I make the character profiles it’s like “uhhh interests… an-- an instrument maybe, or chess… Or taking walks” :flushed: and then I feel like I can’t use them again because they can’t all have the same interests…
Like… What are the odds Luna barely have any interests aside from… Studying occult things? And Lucius likes to take baths, that’s what I can remember at least. And they’re main characters


He can still show me!

Maybe I can hope everyone will believe they read about him but can’t quite remember.

I mean, maybe that’s not the worst? If hobbies aren’t immediately relevant I tend not to mention them at all. Like…i can’t name a lot of things my mains might do in their free time because they don’t really have a lot of that right now…or for several years in a row


I can somehow imagine it though, it’s not the worst picture…

It’s possible, but if you’re not posting your rewrites and then people go back to look they’ll be confused regardless…

Yeahh that’s true… I just… Want to know so much about my characters :’)


Does it demand art.

I’ll say it’s up in another timeline and they just got confused

Bluff. Make stuff up on the spot


Hello everyone! :slight_smile:


possibly. at least some sketching to know what it looks like

sounds solid!

“Luna found a suitable weapon for beating people up in her new hobby; croquet.”





I also feel like if people are really confused I can just tell them Ulmer takes the place of Mura and maybe that’ll help? They’ll get the gist at least.

That sounds perfectly reasonable to me




the focus shall be on his butt

myeah it’d be easiest if they voice their confusion

I really want Luna to have a weapon. She could use one, but I also don’t think she’d walk around with actual weapons either so an everyday object that could be used for murder would be best.



I hope they will at least and not suffer in silence.

Zurina carries a gun in her purse. Luna needs to step up her weapon game


I want to do his werewolf form in those pants too

there’s a risk, but perhaps you could mention it in your chapter update announcement?

yeah but like, most of my characters carry guns or knives… At this point it’s just standard and I don’t see Luna using either. :thinking: She’s more of a puncher, so maybe an accessory that could double as brass knuckles or something.


You should.

It’ll be 5 years until I write the chapter at this rate anyway.

There’s nothing wrong with practical/reliable! Brass knuckles should be fairly easy to carry tho


the focus shall still be on his butt

oh well, at least you have time to think about how to write it

maybe she’ll change her mind and get a gun at some point, but brass knuckles are a start


As it should.

Ugh. Everything is such a pain. I haven’t even thought much about my next update chapter. Maybe I should shudders outline.

I should also mention Zurina’s gun is gold and thus less practical by nature but still. It’s very aesthetically pleasing tho


Always butts

I have no idea what I’m even writing about anymore. I’m so far from writing this chapter as I can be.

Ah, I always figured gold guns would melt/be too soft to fire :thinking:


Butts all the time.

I’m like…not stressed about writing anymore which is a good thing but I’m also wandering aimlessly when I try so I am still suffering.

It has to be plated


I draw too few butts!

I keep thinking I’ll write every day and I’m not sure why because it never happens. I see no light in the update tunnel.

Ah yes that works


You must fix this!

: / it’s been rough writing times all around I guess. I’m a sentence into my next chapter and can I tell you where it’s going? NOPE.

She’s only used it once. And almost shot Orland


My god not again this time I swear I hit reply