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Wattpad hates me and my phone


I really do. Imagine all the butts I haven’t drawn yet.

There’s a lot going on otherwise I guess :woman_shrugging: Even if I have time to write my brain just strays elsewhere and I can’t focus.

Why have a gun if not to shoot your fave bro? (Luna should probably not have a gun…)


God so many. Draw the butts. especially Derek’s

I understand that. Kinda hard to write when your brain is occupied. I have less of an excuse. I’m stressed about a few things but this is supposed to be my detox.

Luna: now hold still while I practice my aim.
Noah: …no

Zurina like knicked his leg but none of his vital organs were hit and it’s not like he has a real bullet wound so he’s not allowed to complain


Would we survive if there was actual art of Derek’s butt tho?

well writing’s supposed to be my relaxation moment in life too (as well as drawing) but it’s just not happening. And even if it’s a few things it’s still stress, so I think we both have excuses.

Where else would she find a moving target?

ah no, it was just a friendly sibling shot then


We’ll never know until we try

I guess it’s just been a stressful couple of months. Hopefully this season will be better for creating

They should both be better brothers and le themselves be shot at


I’ll take it upon me to draw his butt or die trying.

One can hope! I just feel so lost and don’t know where to start. Outlining? Replanning timeline or planning the next arc to know what’s coming? Just writing and see where it goes? And all options make me less motivated than ever.

I suppose Luna could practice on Vincent.


It’s your destiny.

I’ve been feeling that. I might try outlining to at least structure my thoughts but I don’t want OBS level of outline stress again.

Vincent doesn’t need more rudeness and abuse


There’s a chance I’ll go blind

I just drown whenever I open the document. It’s taken me five days to write two sentences that’d tie two paragraphs together. It was excruciating.

It would be impractical, given that he’s mortal and finding a new bodyguard would take a while.


It would be worth it.

Yeahhh I’m doing no better tbh. Maybe we need a spa day. Reset our writing systems.

You’re right. Shoot at Damien. Give him a chance to be a good grandpa


That’s why I’m doing it :’)

A good idea. I’d like to exfoliate my brain!

Aw but Damien hates pain! :[


D: the great risk!

That sounds nice. I could use a mental massage.

Someone has to do it!


As long as Derek’s proud of me.

This gave me an intense urge to scratch my brain and I don’t like it D:

If they tie him up he’ll have no choice.
(Also I’ve been thinking lately I want Damien to have more fun. Sure he’s a grump but he’s not really antisocial. Aside from more formal gatherings he should at least follow Derek out sometimes and have a drink and laugh)


I’m sure he will be :, )

Oh no. If it helps I’ve had ghost itches all day and it’s making me miserable.

This is definitely a thing they should do.
still can’t imagine Damien laughing . Can his heart take having fun? Will he just have another heart attack if he lets himself go?


I think you’d be fine just mentioning in an author’s note or update announcement who Ulmer is and why he’s there. You can still refer back to him in an expository way in OEA, both because he’s technically new to the audience and because it’s been so many books since then that even if he was in ORG, a brief reminder might still be necessary.


Which reminds me that I need to go back and edit a minor character’s name. Luckily I only have like two readers and one already knows about the name change, and it’s a minor character so he isn’t showing up often. I still have to actually go and do that though.


This is the bane of my existence with editing. Freaking names. And I always end up changing names because apparently I hate myself.


I tend to get attached to a name really easily, so even when I know I should change a name for whatever reason, I don’t. Because it’s so much easier to just change the way the entire culture and language sounds so that the name is plausible rather than one measly name.

This guy, though. I never liked his name. For some odd reason, I named him after the German pronunciation of Austria. Except I only took one year of German and can’t remember much, so not only is it not actually Austria, but it’s a botched up version of a bad take on Austria.

I took off two letters in the new name, and it works, but now it’s also a word in German and I don’t know how I feel about that.


… I changed the entire culture and language so I could use the name Quinn in my WIP :joy:



You’re probably right I just love agonizing over small details if they keep me from writing. And explaining away already introduced characters is my greatest weakness. I hoped I would be alright at it since I have such a large cast and should be used to it but every time I have to insert a refresher on who someone is it…is bad.


Very relatable.

Yup, that’s what inspired his name. Only the first part, though. I called him “Orschon” for a long time, but it never flowed well and I hated it. I think Schon would be fine, except now I just think of the German word with the same spelling (and the one with almost the same spelling that means beautiful). I keep forgetting what the word means in German, but it wasn’t anything interesting or bad. I’ve probably accidentally used a word in another language before as a name without realizing it.