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I’m trying to think of a pun but as always when I try I blank


It’s okay. Just send Derek to make up for it


Derek’s in the misery pit at the moment I don’t think he’s fun to be around


what are you doing to him


Character development


I cannot deal with him being sad


That’s what I’m saying, I’ll send him over once he’s out tho


But will he be okay : (


Probably, eventually. I haven’t thought that far.


I can’t deal with this : (


Which is why I’m not sending him over yet


Even if he’s not miserable he won’t be the same and I’ll be sad


Yes!! except it always becomes a nap where you don’t know the year or what time even is.

I agree. We have no reason to justify ourselves when writing; it’s OUR outlet, not theirs.

That goes along with creating worlds to an extent, too, I think. Like, some reviews I’ve seen out there are particularly zoned into, ‘no, it has to be this way, my view, or no way’, and I feel like as writers we are too diverse to pin worlds and stories into narrow tropes. On the other hand, they’re good things about them too, like labels help define and bring clarity and understanding, but unless claimed as 100% this or that, I don’t think boxing in is helpful? And can harm a writer’s potential and confidence. I always want to step in and be like, this is their world, let them have gumball machines with weird things or strange mechanical inventions in out-of-place time periods. But then, I’m rambling again.

And I did, thank you! :relaxed:


Honestly though, aren’t those naps the best?


I actually agree there. Especially when it comes to period Fantasy. Like, I’m writing a mostly 1920’s-esque era - but sometimes I have to bring in some stuff from the '30’s. And it’s Fantasy. Who says they didn’t invent tape recorders faster than we did? Sometimes people get their panties in a twist over the weirdest things.


I can’t stop life from happening to him!


:(((( you’re hurting me


So I bought Grammarly Premium and have just edited 500+ punctuation mistakes in a book of mine. ( ’ :

At least there shouldn’t be as many as there was before.


I’ll make a list ranking how much characters have suffered and I promise Derek will not be at the top.


That’s some good editing tho :+1:


I hope so! Punctuation in English makes zero sense.