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I barely know how to spell in Swedish anymore so I’d be lost regardless :see_no_evil:


… I so have the same problem with Danish!!!


I’m still in pain




I’m losing more and more Swedish and kinda not learning more English :’) a language disaster waiting to happen.


Like, he only checks one suffering box. Others have around four or five.




: ( this is not helping.


One thing makes him suffer.
For a 170 year old man that’s not bad. It’s surprisingly good!


He should never suffer.


Honestly same. And I have almost completely forgotten faroese ( ’ :


I’m not sure how to count recurring things tho. I mean the painting peeps lose a whole lot of friends and loved ones compared to the others, but maybe it’s proportional to their life span because the others suffer a few during their way shorter one.

Derek also gets minus points on physical harm and death because it doesn’t make him suffer. Just like Lucius getting minus points on his parents dying, because


Ah well, that’s another language to keep track of. I’m not fluent in any other language so that’s less to worry about for me :woman_shrugging: Would be fun to learn more languages tho


: ) the solution : ) is no one close to Derek ever dies : ) so he never has to be unhappy : )


They can’t : ) all be : ) immortal : )


: ) sure : ) they : ) can


More immortals : ) more problems : )


: ) but : ) happy : ) Derek


You should do it! It’s never too late :smile:


It’s likely he’ll be more unhappy with so many immortals!