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: ( but my fragile heart


… I guess Eliza never really suffers that much. So that’s something.


I’m all about Derek


Just be happy for Eliza


I’m not not happy for Eliza but Derek comes first.


It’s too late for him.



so cruel why would you say that to me?


I don’t want to get your hopes up


you don’t have to hurt me like this


Well it’s hard not to bring up Derek and consequently his life…


My heart is broken. You broke it. I will never recover and will have to write sad things until my last breath


Naps are! Definitely a nap person, or a sleepy person in general.

Fantasy is the hardest to label though! And actually, shouldn’t be as intensely restrictive as some folk like to make it out to be. Fantasy is exactly that – not real. If it’s based on some realistic perceptions or have definitive time pieces, that’s entirely yours to define, the rest could be based off completely different settings/times/ideas. That’s the point! You define the world parameters, fantasy especially, because it’s like a grade higher than fiction as far as expectation. And then you have sci-fi, horror, high fantasy, historical, all sorts of subgenres to add into the mix and whoa you’ve got any capability. That’s not to say some kind of order isn’t good, but order should never hold back a piece from growing to its full potential or letting a writer express themselves. We can’t conveniently change real world events to match our outlines and plots precisely, but we can creatively improvise, and unless otherwise stated as non-fiction, I don’t see the reason it isn’t widely acceptable.


I will apologize when I’m 100% sure Leonides never suffers then.


…very well.
You win this round, Julia


Can’t believe it took me this long to pull the Leonides card.


It was a good move but I am still hurt


I’m afraid I can’t change that


All I can do is try to hurt you worse then




You can’t peddle your wares in the forums.